Personalised learning. Every student learns and grows at her own pace to meet the overall academic goals.

Anytime, anywhere learning. Learn at your convenient time from a location that inspires you.

Go beyond the syllabus. We cover the benchmarks of the National Curriculum Framework and yet offer much more to meet the requirements of 21st-century skills.

Data-driven. Our tech-enabled learning platform provides relevant and timely feedback so that the student never lags.

Student-centered School At the heart of 21K School is the student’s learning, skills, and well-being.

Structured learning. We ensure that the students learn and grow in a structured and progressive way, even while they are at home.

We aspire to nurture our student to become,

  • Independent, responsible and a life-long learner
  • A curious, creative and deep thinker
  • An emotionally intelligent and environmentally sensitive individual
  • A global citizen, well-groomed for the brave new world
  • A leader who can communicate, collaborate and solve problems deftly

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