21K School envisions to reimagine the School Experience for the stakeholders. We endeavor to make the 16 years of Schooling meaningful and joyful for everyone involved.


For Students:

  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Real-world education delivered by high-quality teachers
  • No more rote learning or learning by heart
  • A positive and loving relationship with teachers
  • Less stressful working hours


For Teachers:

  • Less workload in terms of number of students managed
  • Flipped roles with students with a focus on the scaffolding of learning
  • Role of Facilitators rather than “sage on the stage”
  • Trained to manage self, emotions and with a growth mindset
  • Less stressful working ensuring better results


For Parents:

  • Greater involvement in student’s progress
  • Better relationship and nurturing of students
  • Parenting workshops, materials, and counseling
  • Systems designed to ensure smooth communication
  • Information on student’s progress available easily
  • Less anxiety and better relationship with School


For Society:

  • Great education, made easy
  • Better access to high-quality education across geography
  • Overcomes the challenge of lack of good teachers, if scaled up
  • Reduces the barrier to meet the fundamental right to education
  • High value delivered at a fraction of conventional school
  • Less carbon footprint and environmentally sustainable


An expandable model worth experimenting in different contexts

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