21K Schools provides the American Curriculum to students enrolled in the international program. The curriculum is offered in partnership with K12 Schools – world’s leading online school offering high-quality personalised learning programs for students. 

About K12

K12 was founded on the belief that a great education must be available to families of all backgrounds – not just those who live in a certain location or could afford to choose another option. Since its inception, K12 Inc has provided more than twenty lakh students in kindergarten through 12th Grade with online and blended educational offerings that include an award-winning personalized curriculum and platform. 

K12 today serves more than 1 million students around the world, predominantly in the United States.  For more than a decade K12 has been providing educational products and services, in more than 100 countries around the world.


A day in the life of Online Elementary School Student

21K School + K12 Edge

The industry’s largest catalog of award winning, flexible,digital curriculum aligned to national and state standards of the United States.

  • Over $500M invested in a suite of technologies structured to support large scale online deployments – specifically designed for technology-based learning
  • Core curriculum aligned to state standards and Common Core
  • Hundreds of courses across elementary, middle, and high school spanning advanced learners, at-risk students, college and career readiness
  • 100K hours of instructional content; 1+M visual, audio & interactive instructional elements
Easy-to-use technology platform with personlalized instruction,simple administration and efficient monitoring and reporting.
A full range of educational services tailored to school partner and student needs, including certified instruction, testing and professional development. Integrate your Schools in partnership with 21K Schools to provide a unique blended learning experience targeted at the local population. Our dual diploma options allow international students the opportunity to earn a fully accredited U.S. diploma in addition to their home school in-country diploma.  Students must take 5-6 credits in addition to their typical in-country course of study in order to be granted the U.S. diploma

Program Highlights

Specialised Program for K-8 students – Following a US-based curriculum, 21K schools is hiring a fleet of highly qualified Indian educators trained by K12 Inc for students of Kindergarten to 8th Grade. Students in the program would be taught an array of fundamental subjects in tune with an American curriculum that would help them develop a sound knowledge of basic concepts; along with the ability to interpret a more holistic world view. 

American High School Diploma for students from 9th to 12th Grade: A student reliant self-study program for home-schooled children belonging to Grades 9th through 12th. The program would be spread across four years to complete courses with a minimum of 24 credits. Students will have access to a plethora of uniquely designed video content and assessments on their learning management system. The diploma received post the successful completion of the program is accredited by Cognia, USA.

 Dual Diploma Program  – Students pursuing a senior secondary certification in India can now opt for Dual Diploma Program to attain additional High School Certification from The Keystone School, part of K12 Inc. Over four years, participating students are required to complete 5-6 credits alongside their ongoing education. Enrolling in such a program allows students to get an edge over others while competing for ivy league universities. 

Career Readiness Programs –Students above 6th Grade can apply for a stand-alone certification for Career Readiness Courses like public speaking, creative writing or skills for health to gain additional credits and certification. More than 2,000 schools and districts in the USA have chosen Career Readiness Programs to help them tap into the best of today’s vast array of digital educational resources and tailor solutions for a variety of learning environments.

Admission starts from January 15, 2021 for Academic Year 2021-22 for Kindergarten to Grade-12

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