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June 19, 2022

Hobby Class Ideas for Young Kids

By enrolling your school-age kids in a hobby class, you can help them discover their passions and hobbies, and help them find ways to nurture and develop those skills.

Hobby Classes
May 14, 2022

Cognitive Development of Children

21K is one of India’s best online schools and the first online-only school. We have achieved this feat by focusing on the holistic development of our students. Since the inception of our school, we have encouraged children to focus on their innate talents besides ONLY receiving an education. The unique methods we’ve made use of […]

Cognitive Development
May 5, 2022

Don’t Just Score Marks, Instead Leave A Mark!

The traditional schooling system focused primarily on rote learning and scoring high marks. Scoring marks were the putative barometer of one’s credentials, if not the understanding of the subject. However, times and the learning method have undergone a massive change today. Moreover, even the subjects taught in online school courses vary from what they were […]

Online School Courses
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