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Why we started India’s first online school?

21K School founders come from varied backgrounds – one is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, others have studied in top universities abroad and hold several patents to their names, one has experience of setting up and managing over 75 schools across the country. Each of their unique lives and experiences has made them […]

March 18, 2021

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April 14, 2021

How Online Schools Are Facilitating Mastery Learning

The biggest challenge that a conventional education system poses is the antiquated factory-based school model. It is incompetent in making the experience of passing knowledge immersive for the different students in a classroom. Everyone is unique and has different needs and potential that can only be met through a personalized approach. Mastery learning embraces a […]

Boy using VR glasses holding molecular model
April 8, 2021

Open – Shut | For How Long?

With Covid-19 cases surging in many states, schools have had to shut their doors again. At this point it’s getting difficult for everyone – parents, students, teachers and the school management.

Schools shut down again in india
April 2, 2021

How to cope with online schooling?

If you are one of those parents considering continuing with online schooling for your child even after physical schools start here are a few useful tips for you and your child to cope up with online schooling.

How to cope with online schooling
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