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Why we started India’s first online school?

21K School founders come from varied backgrounds – one is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, others have studied in top universities abroad and hold several patents to their names, one has experience of setting up and managing over 75 schools across the country. Each of their unique lives and experiences has made them […]

March 18, 2021

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October 26, 2021

Which is the best online school in India?

There has been a tremendous acceptance of the fact that online education provides way more opportunities than the traditional learning system. It not only opens the door to flexibility but also offers access to pursuing the interests of learners and teachings from global experts. All this at a significantly lower fee than an average traditional […]

Best online School
October 26, 2021

Must-have skills for teachers in an online education environment

With a paradigm shift in education to a virtual stage, educators across the globe are looking for ways to adjust and incorporate new ways of learning with a student-centric approach. The teachers online had to change their teaching style profusely to make online education environment. The best educators realize that a successful online teaching session takes […]

online education environment
October 9, 2021

Future Jobs in 21st Century

The future of jobs in 21st century aims to simplify things, curtail manual labour and contribute results that are more accurate and effective. Such aims employ technology to achieve that perfection.

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