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10 reasons why online education is here to stay

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The human race has always had a penchant to not just survive but thrive. Our relentless spirit faces disasters like pandemics and comes out of it not only alive but also gloriously kicking! The Covid-19 pandemic not only enabled us to fortify our weak spots but also enabled us to accelerate into Ecom and online education. The advent of online education is a milestone that is here to stay like the internet!

Children especially are both vulnerable and resilient, endowed with a power house of potential. In a VUCA environment like ours, it is important that we come out of our comfort zone and explore critically all the options that are open to them and choose the best!

There are many advantages that conducting school on a online platform bestows upon us. Few of them are:

1. ONE-O-ONE attention that teachers give, to the students is easier in an online class. While in the physical class, a soft-spoken child or a shy child is often relegated into the background, the online platform empowers students. Features like waves, chat boxes and break out rooms helps children express themselves more easily. The fact that they are physically in the safest place on earth, their home enhances their confidence.

2. PAY FOR EDUCATION, not the fringes. The cost of the online school is cheaper as the major portion of expenses like infrastructure or security or transport does not exist in an online school. So, the fees paid to an online school is spent on just attracting the experts to TEACH your ward. Without the cost of “running a school” the resources are spent on actual education.

3. GUIDED EXPLORATION is another significant need in today’s world. Online school can play an important role in encouraging research and exploration. With easy and rampant internet accessibility, it is imperative that children are guided gently but firmly into exploring it safely and responsibly. Trained staff of the school can teach the students both the benefits and the dangers of the double-edged sword that the internet is. Online education also encourages children to explore and discover more as the class discussion turns into a platform to showcase their learning.

4. Exposure to MULTICULTURAL mix in the class is possible only in online education. Any student from Kendriya Vidyalaya or any other schools of armed forces would swear by the advantages of a multicultural classroom. Thanks to online education, this experience can be enjoyed by a child of tier2 or even tier 3 town, tucked away in any corner of the country!

5. FOCUS AND DISCIPLINE would be imbibed by the children, rather early on through online schools as the teachers are trained to discipline the child with respect to focusing on the class and not meander into other windows. Online education also involves self-discipline in attending classes and submitting homework.

6. ENERGY DRAINERS, like travelling during the peak hours, carrying books to and fro, eating food cooked hours ago, carrying drinking water etc. can be totally avoided through online education especially the online schools.

7. The stealthy TIME FIZZLERSfound in traditional schools like time spent on simply aligning the class e.g. the time spent between the periods, waiting for the homework to be collected, classwork to be distributed etc. can be totally avoided in an online environment.

8. CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT of the child haunts every parent today. Online education helps you to keep an eye on your child any time of the day and keeps the child safe. Even bullying is almost non-existent in online schools. Exposure to unnecessary health hazards through contact or contaminated food is also reduced substantially in online schools.

9. EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT is another cry of the hour, a quality that children will learn through practice, more effectively in the online school. With just three to four hours of classes, children are encouraged to focus single-mindedly in the constricted window. This also allows the children to pursue their hobbies and other activities during the rest of the days. They learn early on that even if they spend little time it should be effective.

10. Access to the latest developments in different industries is more easily assimilated into the curriculum of online syllabi. This in turn can throw open an array of choices to the students. It is easier to invite experts to talk to students over an online platform from around the world rather than in person. This enables the online school to offer more exposure to the students than the traditional schools.

There is no doubt that Online Education is here to stay. But equally true is the fact that Online Schools will be the torchbearers of the same.