Here is a step by step guide to join our online class:

Step 1 Please open the classroom URL and enter kid’s name in the box and click join.

Step 2 You shall be prompted to choose a mode, please click “Microphone” to join with the mic.

Step 3 You will be prompted to allow permission to use mic, please click on “Allow”.

Step 4. Now you have joined, you can use the following buttons to mute/unmute, turn on webcam and join public chat.

5. If you have joined in “Listen only” mode, you can leave the mode by clicking on the headphone icon.

6. Then click on the microphone icon to join with mic.

7. Here is how you can minimize the presentation to increase the teacher video area.

8. And to click on the presentation icon to maximize the presentation.

Here are some important keyboard shortcuts,

Combo Function
Alt + O Open Options
Alt + U Toggle UserList
Alt + M Mute / Unmute
Alt + J Join audio
Alt + L Leave audio
Alt + P Toggle Public Chat (User list must be open)
Alt + H Hide private chat
Alt + G Close private chat
Alt + A Open actions menu

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