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Habits of Mind

21K School infuses the world-renowned 16 Habits of Mind into its academic practices as exemplary student attributes. Students will learn to become critical thinkers and develop a sense of inquiry, persistence, and flexible thinking, as well as strength-based cognitive skills of success that can be taught, coached and practised.

IHOM Certified

21K School has recently been certified as an “International Habits of Mind Learning Community of Excellence”. We are the first School in Asia to receive this prestigious certification of excellence.

IHOM Certified

The Institute for Habits of Mind, founded by pioneering researchers and authors Dr Arthur Costa and Dr Bena Kallick, is an international organisation which helps educators, parents, and all who care for children to learn, practice, and infuse the Habits of Mind into their work and lives.

The powerful 16 Habits of Mind is cutting-edge research for Thinking-Based Learning programmes, along with extensive instructor training and curriculum development. The Habits of Mind programmes have been provided to a selected less than150 schools worldwide., including 21K School.


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Introducing the Habits of Mind


16 Habits Of Mind


Why schools should teach habits of mind

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