Even beyond the privacy concerns, there are many reasons why the classroom is the worst place in the world to be if the ultimate objective is real learning. To all this, we have to add a complete wildcard – social distancing. The Covid-19 pandemic has given urgent currency to the term Social Distancing. It is reasonable to assume that even after the coronavirus is a thing for the history books, the idea of social distancing in one form or the other will persist. It is a harsh reality that, almost overnight, every single classroom in its present way violates norms of social distancing. The classes in its current form endanger the health and safety of students and staff.

In the post-covid era of education, students will mostly use virtual platforms for socialisation. Even before the pandemic time, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat were the primary platforms for socialisation.  In a traditional School, arguably, children’s socialisation is restricted to students of his age group in his class. We hope to break this ceiling, and with parents involvement, the socialisation can be extended across different age-groups around your residence, in a safe and secured way.

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