21K is safe and secured from coronavirus in comparison to attending a physical school, which involves travelling by bus and exposure to hundreds of students from diverse background and profiles.

With regards to IT security, we have in-built systems and tools that track the student’s activities while online during live classes and ensure the safety of the student. 21K School does not require the use of social media platforms, gaming apps and requires limited browsing on the internet. The only screen time expected is for online classes and related tasks/activities. Further, the chances of physical bullying, corporal punishment and discrimination are mostly limited during online schooling. Nevertheless, we encourage parents to be alert and involved to ensure complete safety of the students at all times and follow the protocols and guidelines of Government Bodies and Agencies. It is reassuring to know that India‚Äôs Child Online Safety Index (COSI) is ranked ninth globally, much higher than countries like the USA and UK.

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