21K School envisions an online school designed for the 21st Century. We offer structured, progressive, and personalised learning for our students using EdTech tools and techniques, which is challenging to implement in a physical school. The data analytics and immediate feedback aids learning and understanding, both for teacher and student. The cost of high-quality schooling is a fraction of the cost of regular education. 21K School or Flipped Schools are more efficient, less expensive and offers higher value. Some points to consider are:


  • Teachers selected from across India and are the best in the field
  • Students don’t spend on Transport, Uniforms and Dining Charges.
  • Our curriculum goes beyond academics and incorporates Habits of Mind, Real-Life Lessons and is more attuned to the realities of the 21st Century.
  • It is safe and secured, esp. at a time when the world is becoming more socially distant.
  • The flexibility of learning with recorded classes aids anytime, anywhere learning.
  • Every child at 21K learns and grows at his own pace, mentored by our experienced team. There is no rat race of percentage marks or grades.
  • Online Schools overcome the problems of bullying, corporal punishment, discrimination and favouritism.


We believe that the purpose of live classes is not to “teach” but to develop a human connection and facilitate learning.

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