21K School Program is delivered in a secured way with end-to-end encryption of all live sessions and chat. Each Student / Parent has a unique ID and Password. Students can connect from anywhere, any device at a time and place convenient to them.

  • Secured platform
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Unique ID and Password
  • Access Anywhere, Anytime
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) driven
  • Data analytics
  • Industry-standard data privacy


Our platform uses artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, industry-standard data privacy and security tools powered by AWS Cloud Servers.


 Virtual Classrooms
Our Virtual classrooms are a replication of brick and motor classrooms but on any internet-enabled device. The teachers and students can interact, like in a classroom, but from the comfort of their home. Teachers have access to modern EdTech tools to enable the 21st-century learning environment.


Student interaction
We want the classroom to be interactive, and we make sure of it with our AI assistant who accompanies the two teachers in each session. The system monitors every student’s emotion and attention, and the teacher would adapt the teaching methods to the students need. Our advanced AI can formulate a learning curve, and prepare a lesson plan with an assignment and teaching aid, personalised to each student. We achieve this by studying the students learning patterns over time (‘machine learning’). This ensures a holistic teaching-learning process, matching the requirement of each student.


Assessment and test
We conduct summative and formative assessments and tests online. Our teacher and AI assistant prepare the assessment and tests and also correct all the answer scripts. We use advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms to read handwriting and voice recording to access any student. This online assessment would be beneficial to prepare a personalised lesson plan.


Tracing and improvement
Our AI-enabled learning platform helps us determine the improvement required in students and also identify the strengths and weakness of each student. It can guide students on the path of their unique identity and career/passion. We aim to help students excel in what they are best. With the online model of education, it is possible to get the best of the teachers and industry experts for skill development & training in a vast number of fields and specializations.


In essence, we use futuristic technologies to ensure that the students are future-ready.

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