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Who Should Enrol?

International Education

Students looking to pursue an international curriculum but do not have a quality international school in their vicinity.

Advanced or gifted children who want to excel or learn deeper and wider

Parents home schooling children who are looking for structured learning support

Children who do not have access to good schools with good teachers because of economic reasons, long travel hours to school or the place of their residence

Children undergoing professional training in music, arts, sports, etc and require flexibility in learning hours

Children undergoing medical treatment which makes them difficult to attend traditional schools

Children of parents in transferable jobs that makes them change schools often

Children who attend regular schools and require additional tuition classes

Children of parents who are worried about the hygiene/sanitisation in physical schools, and the health and safety of their children due to the pandemic Coronavirus and social distancing norms

Parents who are looking for an alternative to hostels

Children who are not satisfied with traditional schools due to high fees, low quality of teachers, or a poor experience of learning