Ekta Ohri: A Versatile Woman Bringing Impeccable Change in Society

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Ekta Ohri is an anthropologist, architect, and visual critic interested in design and culture. She developed LitJoy, a company that produces interactive early learning items for kids, with the revolutionary idea of improving education for children. Everything one needs to know about Ekta Ohri, and her motivational tale is discussed in this article.

Ekta Ohri: who is she?

Experts are discussing a woman with several skills. She may wear you out, but not the list of her accomplishments! Ekta Ohri possesses exceptional disciplinary skills and professional expertise in developing design-driven strategies worldwide for social and commercial impact. Ohri is particularly interested in examining how design thinking principles might address behavioral change issues, from encouraging young children to read to allowing bathroom usage and adopting preventative best health and hygiene practices. Her current research focuses on the design of essential books and kid-friendly experiential learning activities (4-10 yrs). She specializes in systems design thinking, user-centered design, and organizational innovation.


In 2002, Ekta Ohri graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Sushant School of Art and Architecture. She subsequently attended California College of the Arts to get a Master’s in Visual and Critical Studies. She has additionally obtained a certification in Cultural Anthropology from Northwestern University. Ohri is an excellent scholarly treasure. Her experience is proof of the value of education!

Amazing Career

The professional and career progression of Ekta Ohri has been outstanding. As a Senior Design Researcher at the Center for Knowledge Societies, she began her employment there in 2009. In 2010. Later in 2016, she was elevated to Senior Director for Innovation after serving as Head of Project Operations.

She established LitJoys in 2016, a company that creates books and other goods for kids that encourage experiential learning (4-10 yrs). She works on product development, designing ten experiential learning activities and books that add value while conducting research, writing, and content creation. To get insights into the psychology of children and parents, she also held seminars where she organized and led author-speak interactive seminars in prestigious schools across India.

She participates in business growth, establishing strategic alliances with educational institutions and children’s online marketplaces, developing marketing plans, and producing material for social media promotion. She also assisted in creating technology, website design, and all items’ end-to-end manufacturing and quality testing.

With more than six years of work experience using user-centered and participatory design methodologies, she addressed social innovation challenges in various industries, including healthcare, education, financial services, telecommunications, agriculture, and emerging economies. Her current focus is on assisting Indian start-ups as they assess the viability of and improve their company concepts in light of the wants and behaviors of their intended customers.

Ekta Ohri is a BossWoman

A learning experience called LitJoys organizes innovative activities, conduct-changing games, and literature for children of all ages (3-12 yrs). Along with protecting children from today’s “poisonous adolescence,” LitJoys books and activities also encourage parents to enjoy raising their children early. The learning material is designed so parents can learn new things and share many brief moments of enjoyment (LitJoys), learning, and forgetting with their children. The books and educational activities are designed in a simple, enjoyable, and natural approach that involves parents in their children’s education and significantly strengthens family ties.

LitJoys’s concept

LitJoys aims to improve perception to spark enthusiasm and encourage kids to become better scholars and trendsetters rather than just more intelligent understudies. Instead of relying on screens, it wants to offer a way for people to interact with nature and gain from fundamental interactions. to leave a lasting impression. Finally, establish behaviors and traits to help children become trustworthy, compassionate, better, and happier.

Future-oriented plans

As a storyteller, Ekta begins by focusing on particular subject areas that she considers essential and develops them through her viewpoint and subsequent online research. She also finds inspiration in the childhood activities she learned from her father. Ekta, who grew up in Delhi, recalls her father frequently traveling to Japan and reporting to her about how the Japanese value cleanliness and dependability.

Ekta now has a caring group to review and assess her work after battling alone for the first many years after quitting her place of employment. She sells on platforms like Amazon in addition to her website and has found out how to move about 3,000 copies of books, games, and educational toys.


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