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Skill-based Program

21K Skills is 21K School’s modern approach to giving High School Students a jump start on their path to a career or college education. Through project-based learning—a student-centred method that focuses on problem-solving, collaboration, and real-world experiences—you can explore careers in diverse industries and develop the soft skills needed to excel.

21K Skills has partnered with Stride, Inc USA to offer a number of Skill-based short-duration courses that can be pursued by any High School Student (Grades 9 to 12). Some of these courses are:

  • Public Speaking
  • Creative Writing
  • British and World Literature
  • Practical Math
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Pre-calculus and Trignometry
  • Environmental Science
  • Contemporary World Issues
  • Economics
  • Art Appreciation
  • Fine Art
  • Introductory Finance
  • Life Skills
  • Music Appreciation
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Personal Finance
  • Personal Fitness I
  • Personal Fitness II
  • Personal Health
  • Physical Education
  • Skills for Health

The registered students of 21K School will get 10% rebate on the above mentioned programs delivered by 21K Skills.


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