21K Summer School Program

Summer School 2023 for 21K Students

10th April 2023 - 12th May 2023

Welcome to our Summer School Program 2023, the ultimate destination for students looking to develop essential skills and have fun during their summer break. It is an academically rigorous experience for all learners from Nursery to Grade 8. Choose the summer experience that is right for you.

Each year, we strive to build on the successes of the previous editions and deliver a program to engage and indulge our students in developing new skills or refining their expertise in different areas. This is the third edition of our summer school program that promises to be no exception. We have carefully crafted activities to challenge participants, aiming to develop relevant skills balanced with fun experiences. Our team of experienced educators and counsellors is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment where students can learn and grow. We believe that every child has the potential to achieve great things, and our Summer School Program is designed to help them reach their full potential.

Whiz Kids

These skills are essential for success in today's globalized and ever-changing world, covering a broad range of abilities that extend beyond traditional academic knowledge.


Nursery & KG 1

The course will help students develop communication skills, such as active listening, speaking clearly and respectfully, and responding appropriately in different social situations.


KG 2 & Grade 1

Students will delve into performing arts (speech & drama) and develop their critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration skills.mins where the team discusses.

Word Weavers

Grade 2-4

The Word Weavers course helps students develop and improve their writing skills boosting creativity and encouraging students to think outside the box.

The Pod Squad

Grade 5-7

Podcasting will be a powerful tool for discussing and exploring current events and social issues. By creating podcasts, students will develop and improve their communication skills.

Innovate to Elevate

These 21st-century skills fosters a love for innovation from a young age, leading to real-world impact and progress. Students are more likely to pursue STEM careers, drive innovation, and contribute towards the advancement of society.

Routes To Stem


STEM for kindergarten program involves hands-on learning for deeper understanding. Build, create, and develop fine motor skills with fun STEM activities.


Grades 1 & 2

The program uses real-world examples to demonstrate to students how they may apply STEM in their everyday lives. Various abilities, including problem-solving and critical thinking, are used in STEM activities and themes.

Sparkle STEM

Grades 3 to 5

The program focuses on real-world applications, which will help students see the relevance of what they are learning and apply their knowledge to solve practical problems.

Money Matters

Grades 6 to 7

The program helps students develop a sense of financial responsibility. The art of budgeting requires students to make informed financial decisions, which will help them develop critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Digital Citizenship

These skills teaches how to access information, evaluate sources, and utilize technology tools. It develops digital citizenship skills, values, and knowledge to safely, responsibly, and ethically navigate the digital world.

Crack the Code

Nursery & KG 1

Students will learn the fundamentals of Coding and Computer Science through a fun and interactive online platform.

Pixel Perfect

KG 2 & Grade 1

Students will get hold of Photo Editing, Video Editing, adding voice to PPTs, making short videos, presentations, and much more.

Ani Magic

Grade 2-4

Animation and multimedia program will encourage students to think creatively and express their ideas through art and storytelling.

Digital Defenders

Grade 5-7

Students will learn about learning about personal information and cyberbullying that will help them stay safe online by identifying potential risks and knowing how to avoid them.

Personality Development

These skills encourage learners to think critically, evaluate concepts, and act accordingly. They promote a positive attitude, helping individuals balance their personal and social lives and respond effectively to various situations or people.

Basics n Beyond

Students will develop a sense of self-assurance and self-belief, which will help them face challenges and pursue their goals with greater confidence.

The Power Of Self

The program focuses on self-definition, including developing self-awareness, self-esteem, responsibility, courage, focus and discipline, resistance to negative influences, and appreciation of diversity.

Road to Success

This program will teach students to set achievable and meaningful goals, identify the steps needed to achieve them, and stay focused on their goals.

Mind Benders

This program ignites potential and provides many benefits, including developing a growth mindset, collaboration, goal setting, self-reflection, communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Pursuit of Happiness

These skills encourage learners to explore their interests and discover new skills by engaging in hobbies and pursuits, fostering personal growth and self-esteem.


Fitness Frenzy

Nursery & KG 1

This program develops coordination, balance, memory, and cognitive abilities in pre-primary students through learning and remembering dance steps in a fun environment.

Cosmic Quest

KG 2 & Grade 1

This program aims to spark interest in STEM among children by showcasing real-world applications, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Cosmic Quest

Grade 2 - 4

This program encourages creativity and imagination among students by exposing them to the vastness and diversity of the universe and the possibility of life on other planets.

Shutterbug Shuffle

Grade 5 - 7

This program uses photography to foster creative expression and develop critical thinking skills among students.


The Art of Zen

Nursery & KG 1

This program combines mindfulness practices with art to provide students with a calming and soothing activity, helping them manage stress and anxiety.

The Art of Zen

KG 2 & Grade 1

This program combines mindfulness practices with art to provide students with a calming and soothing activity, helping them manage stress and anxiety.

Number Sutra

Grade 2 - 4

This program teaches Vedic Math techniques to help students perform calculations quickly and accurately.

The Game Changers

Grade 5 - 7

This program promotes entrepreneurship as a means for students to explore passions and pursue innovative solutions to problems.

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