6 Educational Games For High School Kids To Play And Learn With

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Combining coding with games relieves stress and offers extensive knowledge about various topics in the world of coding. Gaming is an excellent way to and management abilities while offering a glimpse of real-life problems they might be encouraging in the future. 

Below, we have curated a list of the best 6 Educational Games For High School Kids To Play And Learn With. These games are designed to give a fair chance to explore coding without any hassle. Additionally, these are extremely engaging, which keeps you hooked throughout.  

1.Airport Tycoon

The first on the list is the airport tycoon. It is a fun game which grabs every child’s attention to the extent that they never realise that they’re learning so much from it. The aim is to visit back to the airport as soon as possible while tackling all emerging real-life problems. The most common problems are managing opportunity costs, budget management and marketing. 

Developing these skills helps kids to make better business strategies. The game is specially designed for high school-age and a little older students. Since it features a complicated interface, it might not be ideal for small kids. 

2.3rd World Farmer

Next is the 3rd World Farmer. This popular strategy game teaches students about all business strategies, thinking and planning the next steps. Also, it gives a deep insight into farmers working day and night all around the globe. 

Economic and moral choices play a significant role in this thought-provoking game. This brushes every child’s critical thinking ability. 


Another fantastic game designed for high school kids to play and learn together is Frontier. This game inbuilt economic planning and business strategy skills in your child. Factors such as selling, trading and Buying are important concepts in this game. 

Additionally, the game offers history lessons to all players to understand life better. Overall, it is an educational and fun game at the same time. 

4.Fireboy and Watergirl 3

Next on the list is the Fireboy and Watergirl 3 game. It is another exciting game which encourages creative thinking and coordination skills. The game features fun graphics and ingenious level design to entertain kids throughout. 

Additionally, this game is great if you want your child to understand the significance and power of teamwork. 

5.Text adventures

It is a web-based game for high school kids which encourages them to create and play text adventures, ultimately contributing to coding skills and creative thinking. It comes with functions such as creating your own, which grabs every child’s attention for hours while playing the text and adventure games and applying coding skills. 

Overall, it is a fun and thoughtful game that encourages your child to take coding to another level. 


Oiligarchy is the last game on the list of the best 6 Educational Games For High School Kids. It is a business strategy game about natural resources and the political world. In Oiligarchy, the name of the game is Oil. The game is generally played by high school kids who appear as oil tycoons to explore and examine the entire world where politics and business overlap. 

This game is ideal for kids who show interest in the environment and geopolitics. Throughout the course of the game, kids will be bound to answer questions regarding environmental damage. Additionally, they might face environmental outcomes as well in regard to their decision.  


Games are every . This list of the best 6 Games For High School Kids To Play And Learn With features games which give today’s kids a glimpse of the outside world and prepares them in advance. These games combine coding, organisational skills and the ability to make strategies to find solutions. Additionally, these games have educational features which allow your kids to learn while having fun

So, if you feel your little one is looking for something more exciting than just learning concepts from textbooks, let them explore any of these 6 educational games, which will keep them engaged throughout. Also, they will learn things much better and more promisingly. 


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Educational games for high school students include “Kahoot!” for quizzes, “Civilization VI” for history and strategy, and “Minecraft: Education Edition” for creativity and science.

These games engage students through interactive challenges and gamified learning, making complex subjects enjoyable and fostering active participation.

Educational games cover a range of subjects, including math, science, history, and problem-solving, aligning with the high school curriculum to enhance learning.

Playing educational games can improve academic performance, boost engagement, enhance problem-solving skills, and make learning more enjoyable.

Games like “Portal” and “The Witness” challenge players with intricate puzzles that enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

Games like “Among Us” and “Minecraft” encourage collaboration and teamwork as students work together to achieve goals and solve challenges.

Educational games offer interactive features like simulations, quests, and real-time feedback, making learning engaging and effective.

Choosing age-appropriate games is essential to ensure content relevance and suitability for high school students.

Many educators and parents have reported improved student engagement and academic performance after incorporating educational games into learning routines.

Educators and parents can integrate games into lesson plans, assign them as homework, or encourage students to explore educational gaming platforms.

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