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What sets us apart?

World class education for your world.

21K School is the first online only school in India. Our partners Stride Inc and Nisai Group are leaders in remote and online learning space. The world around is rapidly changing and India is not only catching up to the change but all set to lead it. Technology has impacted all spheres of life - content is ubiquitous and free, routine and advanced tasks are being automated, top-down structures are being replaced by flat structures of project-based teams - and this is just the beginning.

At 21K School we realise that mastery of the “3 R’s” (reading, writing, and arithmetic) is no longer enough, nor is the superficial recollection of facts. What is needed is deeper learning of content through its application in solving real-life issues. Also, content knowledge needs to be complemented with the purposeful development of critical skills (problem-solving, creativity, communication, collaboration) and universal human values (empathy, positivity, equanimity, and the ethic of excellence).

Our founders come from IIT and have over a decade of experience in setting up and managing traditional schools. But they realised that one size fits all model that our current system works on is not ideal for many. And so they came up with 21K School - to provide transparent quality education regardless of your situation or location.

  • Flexible Options

  • Dedicated Teachers

  • Exceptional Curriculum

  • Individualized Learning


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