5 Apps to Keep Track of Your Study Progress

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A load of unending assignments combined with the varied subjects for a single year can take a toll on any student. During the pandemic, most students opted for virtual courses and submitted their assignments in faceless mode. At this point, the combined stress of a pandemic and difficult to complete syllabus gave birth to the need for a tracker.

Many students use mobile apps to keep track of their study goals, progress, and even the regular work that needs to be done. The mobile apps are highly accessible and easy to use, which makes tracking functional for the students. They don’t need to make the extra effort to know where they stand concerning studies. Let’s discuss the top five apps that can help with progress tracking and managing goals.

Top Five Apps to Track Study Progress

If you plan to use a mobile app to track study progress, these five apps should be on your comparison list.

App NameDescriptionPlans
MyHomeWorkYou can stay organized and improve your tracking abilities with this planning appFree: Available with adsPremium: $4.99 per year
EvernoteA notetaking app that can be used to manage your assignments and schoolwork with easeFreePersonal: INR 249 per monthProfessional: INR 319 per month
OmnifocusIt is an incredible task management application that helps keep the progress of all your activitiesOmniFocus: $9.99 per monthOmniGraffle: $12.49 per monthOmniOutliner: $4.99 per monthOmniplan: $19.99 per month
My Study LifeYou can easily keep track of all your assignments and projects with this applicationNA
RescueTimeThe app that helps you focus better on your study goals and plan your day wellFree Trial Available

1. MyHomeWork

This multi-platform app allows you to set reminders for your homework, keep up with the course files and ensure you can keep pace with your assignments.

It is an app that tracks the progress of your course and learning. You can easily sync it across devices and platforms for better accessibility and usage.

You also access reporting tools that make it easier to find out what areas of planning and organizing you need to improve. In addition, it personalizes the organization’s abilities to meet your unique planning goals.

USP: It is an easy-to-use and accessible mobile application that makes planning your assignments and meeting deadlines effortless.

2. Evernote

For most students, the main issue is keeping all the notes and assignments together. From managing handouts to keeping your notes in one place, Evernote is everything you need to keep track of your study.

You can sync your drive and use the details to access course material. It is the one place where you can use all the notes, know what things are left to study, and set deadlines for course material.

USP: It is a note-taking app. As a result, you can use it to organize notes, take handwritten or audio notes, and save them.

3. OmniFocus

This app ensures that despite the multi-tasking ability addressed by you, you are capable of managing the tasks and focusing on schoolwork. It was devised to help the multi-taskers stay ahead of their deadlines.

You don’t need to remember the tasks or keep in mind the progress of your studies anymore. This app tracks everything and ensures you receive daily reminders about your assignments, tasks, and other details.

USP: It gives you more focus by helping you prioritize. The app’s ability to forecast significant projects and deadlines helps plan better.

4. MyStudyLife

You can forget the deadlines as a student juggling between loads of tasks and everyday work. It integrates your calendar and task manager and keeps you at the top of your class projects. It considers every assignment or task that needs to be completed within the stipulated time.

USP: The push notifications you receive every time you near a deadline keep you ahead on the progress bar.

5. RescueTime

This app comes with an automatic time tracking ability. It helps students know where they spend their time. You can use the app to realize how to optimally devote time to your studies, assignments, and tasks to ensure timely completion. Its inputs, progress reports, and insights help you track your progress well.

USP: It helps improve your focus by removing the sources of distraction.


It is essential to choose the most suitable study progress tracking app that helps manage the assignments and keeps up with your deadline requirements. Check out the reviews and ratings before proceeding with the application. You can choose to consider referrals before opting for the study app.


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