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  • 2024-06-05
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In exploring the landscape of education, it is evident that the foundational experiences during formative years play a pivotal role in shaping one’s perspective on learning. This discourse delves into the concept of educational diversity, drawing insights from both global models and personal reflections.

From traditionally minded educators to an educational system that is constantly in flux. My first two years of elementary school were in a typical school. We all wore uniforms, had an informal distance from the teacher, and lessons were relatively straightforward.

In the beginning, transitioning from calling my tutor “Mr. Jackson” to using his (or her) actual name wasn’t easy.

I realized over the years that having an educator in my life who was supportive and not a dictator was beneficial and made me want to learn more. In addition, I enjoyed having a companion to help me explore things, not suppress my curiosity, and force students into this pattern of creating within the established framework.

Engaging your students with STEAM

Calling the teachers by their names only covers a small portion of the story. My relationships during my school years allowed me to learn, respect efficiently, and co-operate with others. The teachers, caretakers, and even my classmates throughout my school years taught me that learning is a constant part of life.

Usually, to get information and knowledge, it was necessary to search for it instead of being taught in a classroom.

For me, the world was my classroom. My teachers gave me the idea that success in life is being passionate and wondering about everything.

Let the students speak!

Thank god my personal story is not unusual. Finland proves that success can come from a well-designed educational system. The Finnish educational system is an example of the country’s continual innovation. They are often ranked among the best in the world.

According to a recent study, South Korea ranks fifth among countries with the best students. In their class, the teacher speaks 20% of the time, and the students engage in discussions 80% of the time.

With many opportunities for change, why are we still using the same old ways of teaching? What can we do to inspire our students to take education into their own hands and start thinking differently about how they learn?

It is a challenge to comprehend how to explain to opinion leaders that the world’s hierarchies will be much more equal and horizontal once we start allowing discovery.

On an individual basis, we are all learning constantly. So why shouldn’t our students? Walking at their own pace, they will learn better and develop skills needed for the future. Furthermore, education needs to change because kids need these skills on a day-to-day basis now. Traditional education is restrictive and turns us into adults before our time, so we need tools to encourage students to explore their full potential rather than focusing on a traditional curriculum. If we start using these tools, children will see the way they learn is not a restriction but a path of endless discovery


As we champion this change, it becomes crucial to communicate with opinion leaders and educators alike, illustrating that a shift in educational paradigms is not just desirable but imperative. Our collective commitment to fostering a culture of constant learning will not only empower the current generation but also lay the groundwork for a future where the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong adventure, unbounded by the constraints of tradition. Let us embark on this transformative journey together, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to explore their full potential in a world of endless discovery.


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