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The University of Michigan, which is frequently referred to as just Michigan, asserts to have the most number of living graduates of any university in the world. Then, you’d think its mysteries and history would be better recognized. Not so. The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, one of the “public Ivies,” is a significant research institution that offers challenging coursework and a thriving campus community. Michigan’s 14 undergraduate colleges and institutions provide more than 280-degree programmes, many of which are in the business, social sciences, and STEM fields. The university additionally allows first-year students to join little learning communities for a more intimate educational experience. With 29 NCAA Division I teams, the university significantly influences collegiate athletics. Students pack Michigan Stadium, also known as “The Big House,” where the Wolverines have won more than 50 national championships, to support the 11-time champion football team. Most students come from Michigan, where citizens with families earning less than US$ 65,000 per year are eligible for free tuition. Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, millionaire and co-founder of Google Larry Page, and former U.S. Gerald Ford, the president, and Tom Brady, an NFL player.

The University of Michigan wasn’t originally the name of the Institution

It’s understandable that the original moniker, Catholepistemiad or the University of Michigania (or just Catholepistemiad for short), didn’t catch on. Perhaps the college’s founders believed that the only courses offered would be those that taught students how to pronounce the institution’s name. The word combines Greek and Latin meant to denote “academy of universal knowledge.”

The initial location wasn’t in Ann Arbor

Even though the university didn’t start in Ann Arbor, the city has nearly come to represent the institution. It was established in a modest structure near the intersection of Congress and Bates Streets in what is now downtown Detroit. When they needed more room, managers looked to Ann Arbor since a tonne of excess land was being divided up after the city lost its quest to become the capital of Michigan.

Up until 1841, there were no college classes held here

Did we also mention that the institution was established in 1817? That’s true; the University was able to wait over 25 years before offering a college-level course. At its original location in Detroit, it never even had one, and it didn’t hold one for another four years after moving west to Ann Arbor. 11 guys made up the inaugural graduating class in 1845. The classrooms are a little bit full now. In the fall of 2016, 44,718 students enrolled.

The army of the university is a fraternity

Before the yearly football game, the Theta Xi fraternity posts up on The Diag (Michigan’s quad) to guard the area against vandalism by Michigan State’s foe. They specifically protect the implanted “M” from obnoxious MSU students. “Defend the diagnosis,” as they say.

Under the Diag, there are tunnels

They are six kilometers away. The tunnel system beneath the quad is off-limits to students and is heavily guarded by security. It was built to house infrastructures such as steam pipes and fiber optics. The author may or may not directly know someone who has entered the underground labyrinth, but it hasn’t stopped some intrepid travelers in the past.

Possibly resistant to riots is the administration building

Rumor has it that the 1960s-era, Fleming Administration Building was constructed to withstand harm or threats from riots and rallies. The windows in the center, made of thick brick, resemble the openings you might find in a castle or stronghold. As usual, resourceful students managed to get by campus security. A university president is believed to have escaped through the dependable old steam tunnels during one of Fleming’s numerous “occupations.”

Darth Vader attended this University

At least, that was until he joined the Dark Side. James Earl Jones, the man behind the voice of Darth Vader, initially enrolled at Michigan as a pre-med student before moving to the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance and earning his degree in 1955. Jones isn’t the only former student of Michigan to achieve fame: among others, former President Gerald Ford, who played football for the Wolverines, Madonna, Google co-founder Larry Page, Lucy Liu, and Tom Brady also went here.

The stadium used for football is the second-largest stadium in the world

It is known as The Big House. When complete, Michigan’s football stadium would have the same population as the seventh-largest city in the state. A record attendance of 115,109 was achieved at a 2013 football game against rival Notre Dame (see below). The biggest stadium in the country is Michigan Stadium.

To begin Notre Dame football, Michigan

In 1879, the Michigan football team first competed. The team went to South Bend, Indiana, in 1887 to instruct Notre Dame athletes in the new sport. A game then took place. The football programs at Michigan and Notre Dame are the top and second most successful in history; therefore, they must be doing something right.


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