7 aspects to consider before enrolling your children in online schools

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Online Schools

Your child’s future is of utmost importance and what they learn at a young age plays a major role in their lives. The school that they learn from can shape them and can contribute a significant amount to who they become as people and that’s why choosing the right online schools for your child should be prioritised accordingly.

As a parent, here are some aspects to keep in mind while selecting an online schools:

1. Accreditation

Educational accreditation is the recognition from an agency that an institution maintains for a certain level of educational standards. It ensures the quality of the educational institute by verifying it through an external body.

21K School is India’s first online school with American and IGCSE/A-Level programs that are accredited and recognized around the globe. Under the American Curriculum, 21K School has partnered with Stride, Inc. USA which is the world’s leading online school offering high-quality personalised learning programs for students. Students in India will partner with both Stride’s curriculum, and curriculum specifically from The Keystone School, an accredited private online schools for students worldwide.

21K School has also been approved by the Cambridge Assessment International Education to offer Cambridge International Examinations online, for students in India and abroad, from the upcoming academic year of 2022-2023. The Cambridge programme is the world’s most popular and widely accepted international qualification that prepares students for life by helping them gain transferable skills with a wide range of subjects and flexible ways to offer them so that they can achieve success throughout their lives.

2. Teaching faculty

Though this might be obvious, a proper look at the teaching faculty is crucial as they have the most interaction with the students. A good teacher can even make the hardest subjects easy and beneficial for the student.

At 21K School, certified teachers go through extensive training as well as ongoing professional development to become experts in the art and science of online instruction. Many of the teachers have advanced degrees in teaching, coupled with countless hours of classroom and online experience – above all, they share a passion for making a difference and helping their students learn in ways that work best for them.

3. Affordability 

Online education is comparatively far more affordable than physical learning. This is because online learning eliminates numerous cost points, primarily, real estate. 21K School has its fee structure available on the website. 

4. Flexibility 

Similar to affordability, the flexibility of online schools are far better than those of traditional schools. 21K School enables students to learn at their own pace, whether they are seeking greater academic challenges, in need of a more nurturing environment, or working around budding careers, travel, and extracurricular pursuits. 

5. Curriculum 

The curriculum that most schools use right now are ancestral and haven’t evolved, unfortunately, this can keep students backwards and not up-to-date with what the future might require for them. That’s why at 21K School, tens of thousands of online lessons are composed to make a curriculum that is rooted in decades of educational research and cognitive science, fueled by innovative technology. This is a spectacular combination including the best research about how children learn fused with engaging content and interactivity. The major focus in lower grades is on a mastery-based approach to skills and knowledge. In middle and upper grades, a more traditional grading system comes into play, and students may work on projects in class groups to enable peer collaboration.

6. Electives 

Electives are something that gives students the chance to take classes outside their academic work allowing them to pursue other interests and thereby giving them a more well-rounded education. It further allows them to dive into their interests and portray their talents and abilities by exploring and understanding more about themselves.

21K School offers the following electives: 

Computational Thinking

Computational thinking teaches students to become good, successful, innovative, adaptable, and productive human beings in today’s rapidly-changing world. 21K School has associated with Cambridge University Press to offer this Program, where books are authored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) which is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society.


When students learn various languages they gain cognitive benefits, enhanced remembering, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and they tend to have better focus and concentration. Students at 21K School have seven different language options to choose from for their second and third language.

Summer School Program

Summer School Program is a unique skill-based program conducted by professionals and experts which is offered during the summertime typically for 30 days in April/May, excluding weekends to all 21K School Students from Grade 1 onwards.

Skill-based Program

21K Skills is a modern approach to giving High School Students a jump start on their path to a career or college education. Through project-based learning—a student-centred method that focuses on problem-solving, collaboration, and real-world experiences—you can explore careers in diverse industries and develop the soft skills needed to excel.

7. Assessment

Another fundamental factor to consider is how tests and exams are assessed and how students can improve for their future tests. At 21K School summative and formative assessments are conducted where teachers and AI assistants prepare the tests and correct the answer scripts through advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms to read handwriting and voice recording to access any student. This online assessment would be beneficial to prepare a personalised lesson plan. 21K School’s AI-enabled learning platform helps them determine the improvement required in students so that they can be guided on the path of their unique identity and career/passion.

Now you can keep all of these aspects in mind before deciding to enrol your child at a school that fits both your needs and your child’s.

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21K School

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Before enrolling their child into an online school, a parent should consider the following factors:

  1. Quality of the online school: The parent should research the quality of the online school, including its accreditation, curriculum, and student outcomes.
  2. Technology requirements: The parent should ensure that their child has access to the necessary technology and reliable internet to participate in online learning.
  3. Learning style: The parent should consider their child’s learning style and determine if online learning is a good fit for their child.
  4. Socialization: The parent should consider how their child will socialize with other students and whether the online school provides opportunities for socialization. 
  5. Parental involvement: The parent should determine the level of involvement required and whether they are able to support their child’s learning at home.

A good online school should have the following characteristics:


  1. Accreditation: The school should be accredited by a recognized accrediting agency to ensure that it meets certain educational standards.
  2. Quality curriculum: The school should offer a high-quality curriculum that is rigorous, engaging, and aligned with state or national standards.
  3. Experienced teachers: The school should have qualified and experienced teachers who are trained in online instruction and can provide personalized support to students.


  1. Interactive and engaging learning materials: The school should provide students with interactive and engaging learning materials, such as videos, simulations, and games, to enhance their learning experience.
  2. Effective communication: The school should have effective communication channels between students, teachers, and parents to ensure that students receive timely support and feedback.
  3. Adequate technical support: The school should have a reliable and responsive technical support team to address any technical issues that may arise during the online learning process.
  4. Opportunities for socialization: The school should provide opportunities for students to interact with their peers and participate in extracurricular activities to promote socialization and community building.

21K School is Asia’s leading online school in India offering Indian, American and British Curriculum online for students aged 3 to 18 years in India and abroad. Started in June 2020, today the community includes over 7500 students and 300 teachers from 500 cities and 78+ countries representing 72+ nationalities.

At 21K School, we believe in bringing world-class education to your world. We understand that not all children are raised alike and that not all learn the same way. That’s why we believe in personalized, flexible education. When a child learns at his pace, he will ace it. Our purpose is to provide an education that empowers each individual to succeed in an ever-changing world. We accomplish this by instilling in our students the ability to think critically, solve problems creatively and work collaboratively.

21K School is the most popular online school in India. We are pioneers in offering personalised, transparent, affordable high-quality education to students online using proprietary learning platform engaging students with a repository of audio, video and animated curriculum content from the best in the world.

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