Must-have skills for teachers in an online education environment

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  • 2021-10-26
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online education environment

With a paradigm shift in education to a virtual stage, educators across the globe are looking for ways to adjust and incorporate new ways of learning with a student-centric approach. The teachers online had to change their teaching style profusely to make online education environment. The best educators realize that a successful online teaching session takes creativity, knowledge of the curriculum, engagement, and lots of preparation. Let’s take a look at some must-have skills for teachers in an online education environment:

1. Must be aware of the digital environment

Many teachers of traditional schools have had severe issues about not being well-acquainted with technology. With education shifting to an online platform, teachers are left with no other option than to make themselves get acquainted with digital devices. Online teachers are expected to guide students and not just get them to tangle in the arithmetic of technology. One should at least have the basic knowledge of implementation of whatever app or software he/she is using in an online environment.

2. Must be pro at time management skills

Time management skill is extremely important to help students and teachers have a work-life balance. Teachers should be skilled at providing needed material to the students in a given time period. At the same time, teachers should also schedule their time for conference meetings apart from their normal class hours. Making time for such a rubric will help students speak about the changes they want in their routine.

3. Must have good communication skill apart from good teaching skill

In an online environment, teaching is not just about sharing knowledge but it is also about building a bond. And, that could only be done with good communication skills. Online teachers need to be friendly and at the same time have clear communication with the students. This will increase the engagement rate of that particular class. Moreover, it will help students feel supported.

4. Make yourself accessible

The main part of online teaching is that you need to be available to your students whenever they come up with a question. Since classes are no more held in a traditional way, therefore, students cannot come for face-to-face assistance. Indeed, teachers need to provide a way of communication to the students, whether it is via mail or any other digital app.

5. Be creative

Teachers are no longer expected to teach their subjects and go. They must be friendly, humorous, and adaptable to the environment and especially, be proactive to build a connection. In the online environment, teachers must come up with some creative assessment so as to engage each one of their students and make them involved in the subject. The online school environment is a mix of virtual instructions and individual assignments. And, doing so sometimes could be boring and hectic for the students. 21K School prides itself on selecting such teachers that have all the above-mentioned skills. Here, teachers make sure to provide all the information in a fun way. Certified teachers at 21K School go through professional developments to become experts in their particular subjects. Being India’s first online school, it works in the best way to make a difference in society.

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In an online environment, qualities to look for in a teacher include:

  • Technological proficiency: Teachers should be comfortable using various digital tools, platforms, and communication channels relevant to online teaching.
  • Adaptability: Online teaching requires flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to new technologies, teaching methods, and student needs.
  • Effective communication skills: Teachers should possess clear and concise communication skills to engage and interact with students effectively in the virtual setting.

Skills that teachers should possess to adopt a digital learning environment include:

  • Proficiency in using digital tools and platforms: Teachers need to be familiar with various digital tools and platforms used for online teaching, such as learning management systems, video conferencing software, and online collaboration tools.
  • Pedagogical knowledge: Teachers should understand how to design and deliver effective online instruction, including creating engaging learning materials and implementing interactive activities.
  • Troubleshooting and technical skills: Teachers should have basic troubleshooting skills to address technical issues that may arise during online classes, such as connectivity problems or software glitches.

Digital literacy skills for teachers in online education include:

  • Information literacy: Teachers should be able to locate, evaluate, and effectively use digital resources for teaching and learning purposes.
  • Digital communication skills: Teachers need to effectively communicate and collaborate with students, parents, and colleagues using various digital communication tools.
  • Cybersecurity and privacy awareness: Teachers should understand the importance of protecting students’ privacy and data security when using online platforms.

It is important for online teachers to have strong digital literacy skills because they enable effective use of digital tools, enhance communication and collaboration, and ensure the security and privacy of students’ information. Digital literacy skills empower teachers to create engaging and interactive online learning experiences.

In online teaching, teachers need access to reliable technology and internet connection, learning management systems or platforms for content delivery and assessment, collaboration tools for interaction, digital resources and materials, and ongoing professional development and support.

The role of teachers in a virtual classroom and online learning environment is to facilitate learning, provide guidance and support, deliver instruction, design and implement assessments, foster a positive and inclusive learning environment, promote engagement and interaction, and provide feedback and evaluation to students.

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