Top 10 Quantum Computing Universities Abroad

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In 2022 Quantum computing and quantum information theory are not simply components of various physics subjects taught in small groups. Instead, they are full-fledged courses that are part of well-funded graduate programmes at top quantum computing institutions.

As a result, the student’s approach to selecting such courses has shifted. They no longer seek universities that offer quantum computing programmes, but rather those that are at the forefront of quantum computing research.

This blog includes the following:

  1. Top Quantum Computing Universities in India
  2. Top 10 Quantum Computing Universities Abroad

3. Online Quantum Computing Courses

1. Top Quantum Computing Universities in India

Here are some top-ranked universities to check out for pursuing quantum computing or related education in India:

a.Indian Institute of Technology

b.Indian Institutes of Information Technology

c.Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research

d.Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

e.Indian Statistical Institute

f.Calcutta University

2. Top 10 Quantum Computing Universities Abroad

Quantum computing and quantum information theory are thriving in the fields such as cryptography, chemistry, material science, and agriculture. Its compound nature is used in multiple mathematical models that can contribute to today’s economy. Its use cases are the sole reason for its growth from a minor subject to a funded program at top universities. Let’s check these top universities out:

1. University of Waterloo

Based in Ontario and funded by the creator of BlackBerry, Mike Lazaridis, the University of Waterloo is considered one of the best universities for quantum computing globally. The University of Waterloo offered quantum computing degree programs when many colleges avoided offering a separate degree program.

It employs around 296 researchers and has published 1,500 plus research papers since its inception. It is famous for engaging excellence in academic research with entrepreneurial drives to commercialize the technology.

2. University of Oxford

The world-renowned Oxford University, located in the UK, is the pioneer of the UK’s efforts to build highly-functioning quantum computers. Oxford has a history of its own when it comes to quantum computing — the first working NMR quantum computer was tested here. So naturally, it is among the top leaders in quantum science.

3. Harvard University

Harvard’s Quantum Initiative in Science and Engineering (HQI) is a community of researchers with expertise in advancing quantum science and its applications. Its mission is to help scientists and engineers explore new ways to transform theories of the quantum realm into practical systems and devices.

They’re the pioneers of the second quantum revolution that will build on the first one that created technologies such as GPS navigation, global communication, etc.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT and its Center for Theoretical Physics is a research behemoth into quantum computing and quantum information. The university is famous for theoretical physics and now leverages its potential to build a quantum computer. Besides, MIT research explores quantum algorithms, theories, measurement, control, connections, and applications.

5.The National University of Singapore & Nanyang Technological University

The center for quantum technologies, based in Singapore, was pioneered for physicists, scientists, and engineers to collaborate on basic quantum physics research and build devices based on quantum phenomena. So far, they have applied their discoveries to various fields like computing, communications, and sensing.

6. University of California Berkeley

Formally known as the Berkeley Center for Quantum Information and Computation, the University of California offers a collaboration of research from its multiple colleges:

  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Physical Sciences

Researchers from these fields collaborate on fundamental issues with subjects such as quantum algorithms, cryptography, information theory, quantum control, etc. They also offer theory programs with the spirit of deploying quantum systems and devices.

7. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney has a functional quantum science group to address the most challenging quantum physics problems. They leverage these insights and data to build better technologies.

They are involved in fundamental physics, quantum information science, technology development, etc. and also incorporate scientific pursuits through deep industry engagement and entrepreneurial activities.

8. University of Maryland 

The University of Maryland has an institute specific to quantum research called the Joint Quantum Institute. It enables collaboration between quantum scientists from multiple departments, such as:

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • The Department of Physics of the University of Maryland
  • Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS).

Each individual brings their research to empower the final projects dedicated to the subjects of controlling Quantum systems.

3. Online Quantum Computing Courses

If you’re opting to study and make a future in Quantum Computing, you might need a lot of in-depth research to strengthen your position. Jotting down a course and a university is a task. But, worry not — reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and explore all the available options to give your career a giant leap.


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