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HyTech Schooling of 21K School

HyTech Schooling creates a groundbreaking learning experience by combining the best of hybrid and online education. HyTech Schooling combines innovative technology, exclusive partnerships and a supportive environment to create an unforgettable experience for learners that helps them maximise their potential.

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The Echo of 21K

For the Students. By the Students. Of the Students.
The Echo of 21K is a student-led podcast, conceptualised, coordinated, and conducted by the Students of 21K School.

21K School Song - The Joy of 21K

The Keystone School, USA

"The Keystone School is excited to partner with 21K School to bring our Academic program to students from across India. The Keystone teachers and staff are looking forward to expanding our educational support and guidance to help Indian students and their families. I feel that together the team from Keystone and 21K can work harmoniously to help all Indian students to reach their potential."

Erica Rhone’sKeystone Head of School

Your Child deserves the best

Get your child into the school that adapts to their learning speed!

Personalised & Flexible Learning

Our teaching methods take into account each student's learning needs, interests, abilities, and aspirations, resulting in more engaging and dynamic classrooms that drive academic achievement and personal growth.

A Caring & Supportive Environment

Our experienced and qualified educators create a warm and nurturing environment, where your child will feel safe to explore and learn. We recognise and value the unique qualities of every child, and work hard to ensure that each one feels valued and supported.

Live and Recorded classes

All our classes are recorded, so if your child misses a class or wants to revisit a concept, they can do so at their convenience. Students can spend more time on areas they find difficult and less time on topics they understand well. This can be a great benefit for students who have trouble focusing in traditional classroom settings.

Track Students Progress Daily

Our platform uses technology to provide relevant and timely feedback so you can monitor progress and we data-driven focus on areas of improvement. This results in better learning outcomes for students.

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Aruna Shetty

Head of Schools

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Take the 4 question quiz to find out if online schooling is right for you.
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