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21K Group

World class education for your world.

The world in 20 years is unsure of what the future will bring, but one thing is for sure - education needs to be on point. Imagine a world where students are able to learn at their own pace instead of being conformist members in an assembly line-type environment. We at 21K School are spearheading a revolution of making transformational education available to children all over the world. Backed by UpGrad’s Ronnie Screwvala, who invested around $5 million in a Pre-series A round in November 2021, We are the world's first school to transition into Web 3.0. We are immensely proud to reimagine education with emerging technologies like Blockchain, Metaverse, NFTs, and more to instil learning, thinking, and creativity in the DNA of our students. We are the world’s first Web 3.0 school to be implementing an NFT Marketplace, so children can have the opportunity to understand how cutting-edge technology can help them turn their creativity into financial empowerment. We have two institutions:

21K school

We are Asia's leading online-only school that provides structured as well as flexible curriculums to fit all needs. Our foundation was set up with the aim of building a conducive, digital-first learning environment where a child not only receives academic excellence but also the opportunity to explore their potential. At 21K School, our emphasis is on making education effortless, relevant and convenient at the same time. We have been awarded India’s #1 Leading Online School of India in the Education World India School Grand Jury Awards 2021-22.

21K Skills

21K Skills brings top upskilling and reskilling courses from around the world for individuals, corporates and retired military personnel. For this, we have international partners who are leaders in developing talent and capabilities in technical fields such as software engineering and data science.

With the advent of new technologies, the way we learn and absorb information is changing. It is important for us to keep up with the latest trends in order to be able to provide our students with the best possible education. 21K Group is at the forefront of this change, with our innovative approach to education.