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What sets us apart?

World class education for your world.

We are a formal, recognised K-12 school offering Indian, American and British Curriculum online for students aged 3 to 18 years in India and abroad. Started in June 2020, today our community includes over 7500 students and 300 teachers from 500 cities and 78+ countries representing 72+ nationalities. We are pioneers in offering personalised, transparent, affordable high-quality education to students online using proprietary learning platform engaging students with a repository of audio, video and animated curriculum content from the best in the world.

At 21K School we realise that mastery of the “3 R’s” (reading, writing, and arithmetic) is no longer enough, nor is the superficial recollection of facts. What is needed is deeper learning of content through its application in solving real-life issues. Also, content knowledge needs to be complemented with the purposeful development of critical skills (problem-solving, creativity, communication, collaboration) and universal human values (empathy, positivity, equanimity, and the ethic of excellence).

Every child is blessed with some unique ability that sets her/him apart. At 21K school, our focus is not just to give a child a conducive environment to excel in studies but also to give enough time and encouragement to explore many possibilities in life and Be More.

21K School + Stride enable students to learn at their own pace, whether they are seeking greater academic challenges, in need of a more nurturing environment, or working around budding careers, travel, and extracurricular pursuits. We bring world class education for your world.

Our certified teachers go through extensive training as well as ongoing professional development to become experts in the art and science of online instruction. Many have advanced degrees in teaching, coupled with countless hours of classroom and online experience – above that they all share a passion for making a difference and helping their students learn in ways that work best for them.

Comprising tens of thousands of online lessons, the award-winning K12 curriculum is rooted in decades of education research and cognitive science, fueled by innovative technology. This is a winning combination: the best research about how children learn fused with engaging content and interactivity. The major focus in lower grades is on a mastery-based approach to skills and knowledge. In middle and upper grades, a more traditional grading system comes into play, and students may work on projects in class groups to enable peer collaboration.

Many children find it difficult to get the individually focused and flexible learning they need in a traditional classroom. We understand the great potential that an individualized education can unleash in a child. Hence, we take a personalized approach to learning. The core element of this approach is a combination of rich, challenging, and engaging content, delivered in state-of-the-art online lessons, and traditional materials that complement interactive learning.

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