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September 22, 2022

How to Deal with Homesickness at an Online School

When kids are away from home, it’s common for them to feel homesick or nervous, and these emotions don’t always indicate that something is wrong with your kid. All kids can be homesick, but younger kids and kids who have never been away from home are often more likely to experience it. In addition, children […]

Homesickness in online school
September 21, 2022

Tips and Tricks for First-time Online Homeschoolers

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online homeschooling in India has grown in popularity, and more parents are choosing it over traditional methods of education. Instead of adhering to a demanding school schedule, homeschooling enables youngsters to concentrate on their academics in a relaxing setting.¬†However, it might be challenging to establish discipline and order in a […]

Online Homeschoolers
August 26, 2022

Must-have Supplies for New Homeschoolers

If you have been in homeschoolers, then you are likely to vouch for your organising skills. That thrill of having a checklist and everything in order and also receiving the same compliment about it every day from your homeschool teacher would always bring a smile to your face. Homeschooling was not an encouraging scene in […]

Future of homeschooling in India
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