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How can students cope with study stress

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Learning can always be something that excites you but it can also be something that causes you to be stressed or anxious. Especially during exams, students often get overwhelmed with their studies and deal with a lot of stress, which can obstruct the flow of learning. It’s always important to give time to learn to manage study stress so that you can learn in a more efficient manner, learning to manage stress will also become a tool throughout your life, let’s now look at ways in which we can go that;

Oftentimes students get stressed over the workload or not being able to decide what to start with or how to go about their learning process, this can be avoided by setting goals that are realistic and achievable, but not ones that are too easy or too hard. There should be a perfect balance so that you don’t remain too lazy nor do you overwork yourself. Setting goals before your exam organises your work and helps you mentally prepare yourself and work towards achieving it.

Make a plan of the things you need to do or work on, but make sure to also incorporate your daily activities because if you spend the entire day studying you’ll overwork yourself and not be excited or inclined to learn, it’s necessary to take breaks and go about with your day so that you give yourself and your mind a break to work better. You can use these breaks to exercise, watch something funny, or even talk a walk to calm down. Spending hours and hours studying without giving yourself some time to relax will make you strain yourself. Relaxation is important when you’re trying to focus, so get a good amount of sleep as it is of paramount importance to managing stress.

Another way to cope with study stress would be to study with your peers, they would be the only ones who will understand exactly what you might be going through or what you might need, you can also help each other through the process and be successful in your exams. Studying with others can help you understand better as well as provide social support to one another.

Most importantly, If you are overwhelmed with your academic stress don’t ever shy away from talking to someone who can help you get through it whether it’s a guidance counsellor, a parent, or even your friends. It’s better to be able to be heard and understood than to go through something alone.