3 Common Misconceptions of Homeschooling

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  • 2022-03-12
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Homeschooling is a refined direction in the system of education that the world is presently moving towards. It’s an incredibly significant way of educating children, but like any extraordinary idea, this too has certain misconceptions that need to be addressed. Let’s look at the top three misconceptions of homeschooling!

Lack of socialization bags the topmost stance in the list of misconceptions of homeschooling as it’s speculated that the children have no peers to interact with, whereas, homeschooling allows the child to get out more frequently and spend more quality time with their family, neighbours and friends to form healthy relationships. Socialization is the activity of mixing socially with others and this can be accomplished through any means. It’s not mandatory that you have to be in a classroom filled with the same students every day to be able to socialize and homeschooling doesn’t restrict you into socializing with only the same age group who have uniform interests, but instead, it allows you to expand and evolve your personality by broadening your friend group through various other circles.

Another stigma that goes around homeschooling is the absence of extracurricular activities, but due to the flexible method of homeschooling, children who want to focus on sports and require time for other extracurricular activities can focus on those while simultaneously extending importance to their education. There have been several instances where athletes had to drop their practices because there just wasn’t enough time to balance between the sport and the education but homeschooling acts as a remedy for this as homeschoolers have more time than children who go to school. Research has pointed out that 98% of homeschoolers are involved in more than two activities outside their home which allows them to socialize as well as prioritize their physical health.

The third misconception that we’re going to debunk is the shortage of resources available in homeschooling. Fortunately, there is a plethora of resources and information that you can discover about homeschooling by just browsing the web out of which you can determine what’s best for your child or yourself. The resources at 21K School comprises tens of thousands of online lessons along with a remarkable curriculum and brilliant teachers who connect with your child regardless of the situation and location so that no one needs to worry about the deficiencies of homeschooling anymore.

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