4 Talented And Inspiring Kids In STEM

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STEM-based education primarily stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These four major subjects taught are necessary to find answers in real-world scenarios. Many education experts believe STEM is an essential component of education in the 21st century. This education system is backed by an understanding that it offers students an upper hand by offering them a skill set that will help in different phases of life.   

The U.S. Department of Education says that in this ever-changing world where technology is advancing each day, it is important that the nation’s youth is capable of understanding problems and finding solutions by evaluating evidence to make the final decision. Additionally, in this modern world, companies are on a hunt for students who have studied these subjects. Hence, integrating STEM into the school syllabus will help students in their future careers. 

1.Little Code Ninja: StoryBot creator

Rightly named the “Little Code Ninja”, this is a story of a young and talented kid who mastered the art of coding at a very young age. This kid developed an engaging and creative board-game which was named StoryBot. It was created with the aim of helping aspiring developers learn programming without hassle. This young superstar aims to do more good work as a developer in the coming years. 

2.Thomas Suarez: The creator of Anti-Justin Bieber App

The developer of Earth Fortune and the Bustin Jieber apps, Thomas Suarez, is an extraordinary kid who gave a TED talk speech sometimes back.

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This amazing kid decided to take charge of his career and went a step ahead when all his other friends were playing on the grounds. He was someone who was always attracted to coding and programming; hence, he decided to grab this amazing opportunity. Today, this young professional has become an inspiring note for upcoming developers. 

 3.Jonathan Buchanan: A Digital Polyglot

If the language of Babel had been the digital language, Jonathan Buchanan would have ruled it like no other. This talented kid manages several programming languages at once. The best part is he learned everything on his own outside the school. Although Jonathan did not have the chance to understand and learn to code ; however, he would have loved it otherwise. Besides his ability to code, he possesses strong critical thinking abilities , which make him a strong person. 

Kids like Jonathan are true examples of people who inspire other students to take up tasks out of the box. At 21K school , we give a fair chance to everybody to understand and learn to program within the STEM pathways. We are in the pursuit of developing the leaders of tomorrow! 

4.Jacob Barnett

Jacob Barnett is a talented young professional who is full of passion and loves to do all his work with utmost sincerity. This young boy possesses excellent mathematical abilities, which leaves everyone in a state of shock and joy at the same time. On the one hand, where he was the master of understanding every possible shape, he was a great solver of astrophysics problems. According to Jacob, life is a never-ending learning process; however, the most important part of learning is to think and develop! 

Like the little coding Ninja, Jacob loves sharing his knowledge with all his friends, family, and acquaintances. Hence, he started to create these exciting calculus videos on the internet, which helped students worldwide deal with complex mathematical questions. One thing which makes him different from others is that “he got admitted into the college right at the age of 10 years.”

At an early age, he was diagnosed with a syndrome because he could not talk. However, this did not stop him from living life to the fullest. Through his amazing and positive energy, he kept on inspiring the world like no other. 

Final words

The concept of STEM was reportedly introduced by scientific administrators in the year 2001 at the NSF or U.S. National Science Foundation. It was previously abbreviated as SMET. Back in the day, schools and universities in America realized the significance of the introduction of science and engineering education in early school so that it gives the child enough time to cope and develop a critical understanding. Today, in this guide, we talked about four amazingly talented kids who inspired children and adults worldwide to achieve their goals.


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Four young STEM prodigies are Gitanjali Rao, Anika Chebrolu, Avi Schiffmann, and Jack Andraka.

They excel in various STEM disciplines: Gitanjali in chemistry and innovation, Anika in virology, Avi in programming and data science, and Jack in nanotechnology and cancer detection.

They all had early exposure to STEM through family, school, and personal interests, nurturing their passion for scientific exploration.

They’ve efficiently managed time and prioritized their interests, often with support from their families and mentors, allowing them to excel academically and in STEM.

Gitanjali developed a lead-detection device, Anika researched potential COVID-19 treatments, Avi created a pandemic tracking website, and Jack developed a pancreatic cancer detection method.

Their remarkable achievements at a young age have inspired countless others to pursue STEM fields and believe in their potential.

They encountered obstacles, such as finding resources and overcoming skepticism, but their determination and support systems helped them overcome these challenges.

Supportive families, teachers, mentors, and access to STEM programs and competitions have played pivotal roles in their success.

They emphasize the importance of nurturing curiosity, providing resources, and encouraging hands-on exploration to foster a love for STEM in young minds.

Their stories demonstrate that age should not limit one’s pursuit of STEM, encouraging others to follow their interests and explore the limitless possibilities in these fields.

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