6 Life Lessons By Shahid Kapoor

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Life lessons

Shahid Kapoor first caught the public’s attention when he and Ayesha Takia starred in a Complan advertisement. Nobody foresaw the young Complan boy’s future as one of the most renowned performers in the movie business. He is one of the few actors who worked hard and persisted long enough to establish himself in Bollywood.

1. Keep Going…Do What You Love And Do What You Love

Shahid Kapoor has seen several setbacks. Perseverance is one of the most crucial things Shahid Kapoor has taught us. Shahid experienced several setbacks after garnering praise for his acting debut because many of his movies failed poorly at the box office. His professional life appeared to be a very long, black tunnel with no light on the horizon for a very long period. He had nothing to work on at one time in his life. Shahid admitted to Hindustan Times in his interviews that he had thought about changing occupations due to persistent failures. He then realized that acting was what he enjoyed doing, and he now feels that one should keep doing what one finds meaningful regardless of their level of accomplishment.

2. Sharpen The Trade

Shahid’s growth as an artist may be seen if one looks at his 16-year career. He started as the child next door but quickly rose to fame for his outstanding performance in various unusual and complex roles. This change reflected how much he had developed as an actor. Shahid acknowledged in one of his appearances that the recent triumph of Kabir Singh was the culmination of 16 years of work. He kept reinventing himself and honing his skill even when his career was at its lowest point and he had no good possibilities. When the fair chance came, he was equipped with the ability to deliver.

3. Be Humble and Show Others Respect

It’s not exactly a secret that the Indian film industry is aristocratic. While most successful people in Bollywood had been given the opportunity on a silver platter and were born into wealthy families, others have had to work hard to way up the ranks. The second camp was where Shahid belonged. He disclosed being turned down from 100 auditions and having nowhere to turn. He claims that one can only be as good as the opportunities that arose to him and that sometimes the excellent chance requires a little more patience. He emphasizes the value of humility and gives credit where credit is due to others. He argues that one should avoid harboring resentment and envy and seek motivation whenever possible. Anyone can strive to accomplish what Shahid Kapoor has if one adopts his lessons about humility and appreciation of others.

4. Conquer The Fear of Failure

Shahid decided not to be concerned with success or failure after experiencing a succession of early career disappointments. Instead, he changed his attention to relishing the creative process . He began his career as an assistant director on the film “Mohandas BA LLB.” He planned to put in a lot of effort, connect with many people, and thoroughly research the business. He gave himself to his profession and allowed it to follow its course. He credits his first failures for shaping him into the guy he is now. One of Shahid Kapoor’s most essential lessons is to conquer the fear of failure.

5. Relationship Integrity

Shahid has a history of establishing relationships and connections with others, whether they are close friends or work associates. He has two half-siblings, Sanah, and Ruhaan, from his father, Pankaj Kapoor, and his mother, Supriya Pathak, and a half-brother from his mother, Neelima Azeem. He gets along well with each one of them. One of Shahid Kapoor’s most motivating teachings is this one. He abstained from criticizing people and has always maintained composure and dignity. Shahid is very kind when praising his peers and always avoids criticizing anyone, irrespective of how other people are towards him.

6. Be A Good Person

As a result of his belief in giving back to society, Kapoor supports numerous philanthropic organizations. He promotes Swayamsiddh, an NGO that helps kids with unique needs. He has adopted three communities in favor of the “Greenathon,” a project to enhance the availability of power in rural areas. Additionally, he assisted in reviving the non-profit organization “Victory Arts Foundation NGO,” which uses dance therapy programs to aid disadvantaged and disabled kids. Since he is a passionate vegetarian, he promotes PETA through commercial campaigns. This is one of Shahid Kapoor’s most motivational messages, and the world desperately needs to hear it.


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Never give up. Never giving up is a key life lesson inspired by Shahid Kapoor’s journey and career in the entertainment industry. Shahid faced a lull in his career, but he never gave up

Shahid Kapoor studied in Gyan Bharati School, Delhi upto grade 4 and in Rajhans Vidyalaya, Mumbai upto grade 12. He completed his graduation from Mithibai College, Mumbai.

Shahid trained with Abbas Ali, a well-known celebrity trainer, and instead of eating animal meat for protein, he prefers to consume a vegetarian diet. His diet consists of a combination of protein and foods high in energy and amino acids.

 Shahid trained with Abbas Ali, a well-known celebrity trainer, and instead of eating animal meat for protein, he prefers to consume a vegetarian diet. His diet consists of a combination of protein and foods high in energy and amino acids.

Shahid Kapoor earns around 20 crore in a year. His net worth is around $35 million which is 260 crores in Indian currency.

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