6 people in education and robotics who keep inspiring us

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Inspiration is one of the formidable driving forces behind growth. Every individual, business, product, service or project must constantly seek improvement inspiration. People follow different sources of inspiration to achieve their goals in their lives. Learners in education, robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) need the inspiration to develop new strategies to define their careers. Where do you find inspiration? People, stories, books, events and many other things serve as an inspiration and improve the efficiency of platforms like 21k School

The following post outlines the achievements of some notable people in the field of education and robotics. The contributions of great minds have not only helped transform STEM, robotics and education but also established new benchmarks for the future. Explore how six visionaries offered formidable advancements in education and robotics.

1. Seymour Papert

Seymour Papert is one of the popular educators renowned for their innovative mindset. Rather than thinking about education from a traditional perspective, Seymour always emphasized making education more straightforward. He believed in making the learning environment conducive for students by offering them the ideal spaces and technology tools such as software. 

Seymour emphasized identifying the subjects or classes in which students are more likely to encounter problems. The teaching methods of Seymour involved the facility of suitable tools to help students overcome their problems in learning. Seymour Papert promoted disruptive education theories and believed in allowing students to learn from the challenges they face

2. Idit Harel

The Israeli-American educator Idit Harel also finds a top spot among educational visionaries. As a former student of Seymour Papert and a PhD holder in Epistemology and Learning Research, Idit has advocated the constructionist learning theory. Her efforts in transforming education focus on using new media technology to drive globalization, innovation and creative learning. 

Achievements of Idit in the field of education also include her active membership in the MIT Media Lab advisory board. She is also an active member of the Harvard Graduate School of Education advisory board. Idit believes coding is the future of education, change and leadership.

3. Dorin Shani

Another notable addition to a list of visionaries in the field of education and robotics would refer to Dorin Shani. The smart and passionate mechanical engineer has successfully led different teams in global robotics competitions. An avid Legos and Star Wars fan, Dorin believes in blending robotics with education to create significant change. Dorin also conducts hackathons frequently alongside volunteering for various notable robotics organizations.  

4. Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori is one of the foremost names credited with efforts to transform education. The Italian educator promoted self-discipline in the classroom enabling every student to pursue their interests. Her inclusive educational system focused on encouraging participation and activity from students. 

The education system developed by Maria Montessori is an integral part of primary education in many countries. The most striking highlight of Maria Montessori’s contribution to education is that the teacher takes on the role of a guide. According to the Montessori education system, students should conveniently find room to learn the subjects of interest. 

5. Linda Liukas

The names of inspiring visionaries in robotics and education include Linda Liukas. The genius educator from Finland is a computer programmer who authored a popular children’s book. Linda employs her computer programming skills with the online learning platform , Codecademy. A TED Talk speaker, Linda harbours a passion for her projects and has a unique perspective on education. 

6. Hadi Partovi

The CEO of the educational non-profit organization Code.org, Hadi Partovi, inspires many educators and technology professionals. Hadi launched the educational non-profit in 2013 in collaboration with his twin brother. The Harvard University graduate also tasted entrepreneurial success with a membership of the founding team behind Tellme Networks, which was acquired later by Microsoft. The transformation induced by Code.org in the field of education and the passion of Hadi shows how technology and vision can bring positive change all over the world.


The six notable visionaries impart distinctive contributions to education and robotics. Starting from the inclusive education system of Maria Montessori to the software-aided disruptive learning approaches of Seymour Papert, education has evolved considerably. The visionaries’ efforts in encouraging globalization and innovation or driving the adoption of robotics in education can induce favourable change. 

In the long run, the milestones set by the inspiring names in education and robotics would guide the future generation. As the learning requirements of students evolve, education systems must also maintain pace. Thankfully, the visionaries have offered some practical pointers to start with. 


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