Achieving Flow In Education

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  • 2022-04-02
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You might have heard about the state of flow in the book “Ikigai” which talks about having a purpose to wake up every morning and appreciate what you are doing in achieve flow in education. This state is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in it with absolute focus, involvement, and enjoyment to a point where the outside world seems to disappear. Being in this state makes you relish what you’re doing but also enables you to do it in the best possible manner, let’s look at how exactly we can achieve this state to study smarter:


The first step of getting into your zone is to identify the purpose of your goals, figure out what you want to achieve and at what time, pace, etc. Strategize a practical plan with your objectives. 

Perfect balance

Your goals or objectives should have the perfect balance in terms of being accomplished, don’t overload yourself with too much work but don’t make it too easy for you, decide on an amount to study that makes you work for it but not up to a point where you can get stressed or anxious , this is extremely important because if it’s too easy you don’t push yourself but if it’s too hard you tend to get be demotivated and give up.


Your state of flow will be completely messed up if you don’t eliminate your distractions. Put yourself in an environment that’s most optimal for you, ensure that it’s a productive environment, if you still get distracted then make a note of your distractions so that you can eliminate them during your breaks or when you’re done achieving your objectives, this way you can at least set aside your distractions for the time being.


Everything extraordinary often requires patience to achieve, and it works the same way to achieve a state of flow, so be calm and patient throughout the process. Set your mind to it, mentally and physically prepare yourself so that you and your brain don’t get tired easily. Studying is something that should be enjoyed to reap maximum benefits, you tend to learn and love the subject more when you do it the right way, so be patient towards achieve flow in education.

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