Bridging the gap between students

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  • 2022-04-21
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Generation gap between students

In every class, there are students of different capacities and talents, few students might grasp certain concepts faster than the others but that doesn’t mean the rest of the students have to get left behind because at 21K we prioritize the growth of every single student. We believe that if extra care or attention is required for a certain student then it must be delivered to them.

We deliver this to them through remedial sessions or additional classes to help them understand the concepts better. Our data-driven assessment systems help us identify students who might need these additional classes either individually or as a group. This ensures that no one is left behind or left without understanding what’s being taught. Apart from giving them the advantage to gain more knowledge, these classes also help them to improve their confidence and build up more courage as they’re often frustrated and have a lack of motivation to learn.

Some students excel above the average and are advanced in their learning. Students like these constantly need new challenges to keep their interests up so that they don’t remain stagnant. Keeping them interested and excited to learn more is what we’ll provide these students through our enrichment classes which will help them thrive and reach heights.

Only if all these opportunities are provided to the students will they be able to improve and excel as our classes teach them to build upon the knowledge that they already have and perform better academically. They also develop their critical thinking skills , soft skills and become more creative. It builds character traits as they are allowed to explore more thereby understanding more about themselves throughout the process and enabling them to become so much more capable by giving them experiences to learn from. 

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