Building a Healthy India with Rohan Mirchandani, founder of Epigamia!

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Entrepreneurship is much more than a job; it’s a way of thinking and being—those who can change the course of events by taking risks to leave their mark. Rohan Mirchandani, a youthful leader, is one such disruptive force in the Indian FMCG market. He is the creator of Epigamia, the fastest-expanding Greek yoghurt brand in India. Due to Epigamia’s success, notable individuals like Deepika Padukone have become investors! In this article, experts will examine Rohan Mirchandani’s life and career, which have motivated numerous young businesspeople to venture into the expanding Indian startup ecosystem.

Childhood and Education

Indian-born Rohan Mirchandani has a very high level of education! He has a degree in management and was born and raised in New Jersey, USA. He finished his studies at NYU Florence in Italy, where he fell in love with wine while wandering the picturesque city of Tuscany. He graduated from NYU’s Stern School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and International Business and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

The Journey of Rohan Mirchandani from NYU to India

Before relocating to India, Mirchandani started his career with Standard & Poor’s Corporate Valuation Group. He travelled the world and spent time in Tokyo, significantly contributing to one of history’s most significant deals for mergers and acquisitions. After moving back to India, he started working for the Ross Group, the company owned by his family, where he was in charge of rebranding the logistics section. Rohan Mirchandani’s experiences demonstrate his extensive exposure to business management, from managing his family business to working with large companies. His insatiable curiosity, extraordinary encounters with other cuisines, and distinctive culinary culture inspired him to create one of India’s fastest-growing FMCG companies. 

Starting a Business Dream: From the Hokey-Pokey to Epigamia

The entrepreneurial path of Rohan Mirchandani epitomises tenacity, boldness, and confidence.

When Rohan Mirchandani visited his family and friends in India in 2009, he met the chef Ganesh Krishnamoorthy. Chef Ganesh Krishnamoorthy founded the Hokey Pokey side business as a hobby. The company had done well, but volatility was an issue. Mirchandani thought his side-hustle ice cream shop was fascinating and decided to invest a sizable sum of money in Hokey Pokey. Rohan Mirchandani, a Wharton MBA graduate, left everything behind and returned to India in 2013 to focus solely on his FMCG firm.

He was a partner in the founding of Drums Food International, and Rohan Mirchandani was the mind behind Epigamia. The thought was suddenly in his head when he put on his thinking cap to create a product that would attract Indian clients. The new product has to align with the nation’s expanding trend toward healthier living. They created the Greek Yogurt brand Epigamia, which quickly gained popularity, especially among young people, in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. The business sells several goods, including yoghurt, smoothies, cream, etc.

Following the epidemic, it changed its marketing approach and now offers its goods through physical stores and online marketplaces. The company also began selling directly to consumers, which increased its income by 30% during the pandemic. Vegetarian and vegan diets are growing in popularity, with an increase in both populations in India and worldwide.

With a new line of coconut milk-based plant-based substitutes that includes a jaggery-flavoured variety and has mango and strawberry-flavoured yoghurts on the way, Epigamia is now a hit in the market. Big names like Deepika Padukone and organisations like Danone Manifesto, Mousse Partners, and Palladian Advisory Services have invested in the business because of its diversity and distinctiveness. The company’s marketing strategy and excellent audience engagement have fostered an unexpected relationship between the buyer and vendor.

Epigamia’s Future Plans

A startup’s future vision and objectives will determine its consistency and long-term success, especially in the food-tech sector in a country like India. The company currently operates 14000 physical outlets throughout 30 locations. The company wants to expand to 35,000 offline locations across 50 cities in the following two years.

Customers of the brand in Tier-1 cities have a strong connection with it. In the ensuing 2-3 years, the company plans to grow into tier-2 and tier-3 cities. The organisation is eager to investigate the viability of the increasing market in the Middle East and Southeast Asia through ongoing research and development. The fundamental tenet of the company is to continue experimenting with traditional Indian goods. It intends to introduce new ghee and cottage cheese variants.


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