Dreams Don’t Need Validation; grab Them Like Ira Singhal!

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Dreams Don't Need Validation; grab Them Like Ira Singhal!

When someone mentions a disability, specific stereotypes of powerless, dependent, pitiful people come to mind. Ira Singhal astonished the world with her intelligence and fearlessness, shattering every cliché about people with disabilities. Ira is the first individual with a disability to succeed in the UPSC examinations after passing India’s most challenging public service exams. The incredible story of Ira Singhal defying all odds with her steel will is incredible.

Adolescence And Education

Ira Singhal was born in Meerut on August 31, 1983, to an insurance advisor Anita Singhal, and an engineer Rajendra Singhal. She finished her studies at the Loreto Convent School in Delhi and Sophia Girls School in Meerut, where she was a good student. Later, she continued her education by obtaining her engineering degree from the Netaji Subhash University of Technology and her MBA from FMS Delhi.

Scoliosis is an illness that worsens until a person reaches adulthood. Singhal received a scoliosis diagnosis in early childhood, resulting in a locomotor handicap. Ira had a problem that prevented her from twisting her arms or legs due to spinal cord issues and her low stature. Her limb movement was also restricted as a result of it. However, Ira didn’t let her health get her down. She kept up her standards high throughout high school and college.

Profession Before Cracking The Civil Services Examination

Ira served as a strategy manager at Cadbury’s and a marketing intern for Coca-Cola after earning her MBA. At Cadbury, she first felt the urge to apply for the UPSC public services examination. Ira taught Spanish at a language school in addition to studying for her UPSC examinations.

Ira initially attended the civil service exam in 2010, then again in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. Her achievement was astounding when she aced her exam on her final try in 2015. Ira had passed her examinations on her first try, but she was turned down for admission because of a disability. She decided to resist giving up without a battle and appealed the judgment before the Central Administrative Tribunal. Ira said in an interview that she had always wanted to do something which involved giving back to society.

Singhal Ira’s Difficult UPSC

Ira had a disability score of 62%, but the UPSC refused to give her a seat because her illness did not fall under one of the UPSC-listed categories for disabilities. She initially took the UPSC test in 2010; however, in 2011, her file was canceled. Ira then decided to launch a lawsuit and contest the judgment. She was adamant that this choice was against the People with Disabilities Act and Articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution. She relocated to the Central Administrative Tribunal, won in 2014, and was appointed assistant commissioner in the customs and central excise department.


Ira was helped by several people and received several significant honors after her triumph. The list of some of her notable achievements are as follows:

• A brand ambassador for the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment’s Department of Disability.

• Brand ambassadors for the NITI Aayog and the Ministry of Women and Child Development

• The Election Commission of India’s National Panel for Accessible Elections

• Participated in the Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) design committee for the examination policy for kids with disabilities.

• First Ladies of India Award by the Ministry of Women and Child Development; President’s Gold Medal for topping the IAS Training;

• Recorded in the Limca Book of Records;

• India Today’s Woman of the Year for 2015

Ira Singhal’s Ongoing Fight Against Stereotypes

Ira Singhal thinks navigating society is difficult for people with different abilities. They frequently become the target of damaging preconceptions and prejudice. Ira has given speeches at more than 500 national and international conferences to address this problem and raise awareness. She has also tirelessly worked on other urgent issues, including, but not limited to, the empowerment of the transgender community, people with disabilities, women’s empowerment, and child labor. Within a year of being posted, she returned over 340 children and bound laborers to their families after saving them. She is also the first to give a full-time job as a Delhi government official to a transgender individual.


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Ira Singhal secured the first rank in the UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2014.

Yes, Ira Singhal is an IAS officer of the 2014 batch of the Indian Administrative Service. She is currently posted as the Director of the Department of Personnel and Training in the Government of India.

Ira Singhal has scoliosis, a medical condition in which the spine has an abnormal curvature. Despite this, she overcame all odds to achieve success in the UPSC Civil Services Examination and became the first differently-abled person to secure the first rank.

Yes, Ira Singhal is married to Abhinav Bindra, who is a software engineer by profession. The couple got married in 2017.

Ira Singhal became an IAS officer in 2015, after clearing the UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2014 with the first rank.

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