Early Education In Robotics Is The Key To Unlocking STEM

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  • 2024-01-12
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Especially for youngsters, robotics makes STEM so much more enjoyable. When asked how to learn STEM engagingly, the answer is always robotics. And the possibilities are endless. Want to learn electronics and engineering? Checked! Analytical mathematics? Checked! Computer science and programming? Also checked! With so many options for kids to master STEM subject matters, it’s safe to count that the learning immediately pays off – not just in higher education but also in the real world. And there’s more good news! Read on to know! Let’s now look at five fundamental reasons why robotics is considered so crucial for STEM:

1. Robotics has an interactive community with tons of collaboration opportunities

If it went under your radar, many prominent after-school clubs in India – such as The Robotics Society and The Robo Club – offer hands-on education in robotics. What’s more interesting is that enrolling your kid in such clubs will bring your opportunities to participate in robotics competitions, workshops, and exhibitions. This benefits kids and their parents who are unsure where to start robotics education. Last but surely not least, hanging around with like-minded peers always sparks new ideas, providing valuable keys to learning STEM.

2. No need to hurry with a typical school syllabus; your kids can learn at their own pace

This might conflict with how you want your kids to learn a specific subject matter – tuition or the mandate of following a syllabus – but kids just love to learn on their own, at their own pace. So, the best way is to facilitate your kids with toys that encourage STEM learning with robotics. And they all are just a search away! LEGO, VEX, and Cozmo are just a few worth naming. With each hardware-based project, your kids can learn at home, at their own pace, without the burden of any “syllabus.” But still, it should come with tangible rewards for progress.

3. Want your kids to explore multidisciplinary projects?

There’s no denying that tinkering with educative today, like LEGO or VEX, provides excellent exposure to kids learning prowess. But did you know it can boost your kids’ mathematics and programming skills too? What’s unique about robotics is that it blends all aspects of STEM into one interactive learning material. Not only do kids build new models with engineering skills, but they also get to develop the programs. Upon practice, practice, and more practice, your kids will get more creative and figure out innovative ways to incorporate their thinking to solve real-world problems.

4. Robotics camps and expos offer more than cultural fests in schools

One of the most significant advantages of robotics camps and expos is that your kids get to try out something they might not otherwise have a chance to explore. Especially in India, many schools and even colleges don’t offer robotics camps where kids get exposure to the domain and learn teambuilding and interpersonal skills. This also gives them the freedom to create projects with the resources from other kids and receive personalized learning, thanks to small group sizes. Finally, let’s not forget that it will also raise their confidence to socialize and make friends.

5. Beyond just STEM, kids can learn valuable career skills

Do you know why robotics exhibitions are essential? Beyond just interactively learning STEM, it also prepares your kids for public speaking, responding to queries, and community building. Therefore, robotics is just the tip of the iceberg that helps your kids excel in STEM with concrete fundamentals and an envision of the future. Think about it for a second. Understanding a given problem requires patience and perseverance and tinkering with distinct possibilities until a result is achieved. These skills are the key, not just in STEM but also in their career.

Ready to let your kids envision a future?

It’s interactive! It’s tactile! And it’s fun! These are the fundamental pillars that make robotics so exciting to learn. But, perhaps the most essential benefit of learning robotics is that it’s a gateway for your kids to coding and STEM subjects where they learn applied knowledge to figure out ingenious solutions to our day-to-day challenges.


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