Meet Kabir Jeet Singh, The Brilliant Mind Behind India’s Fastest-rowing Fast-food Chain

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Meet Kabir Jeet Singh, The Brilliant Mind Behind India's Fastest-rowing Fast-food Chain

There are many entrepreneurial success stories, but only a few people are motivated to make them an actuality. When a business idea strikes in the middle of a dull day, it is often the passion behind it that propels it to success. While working part-time in a burger restaurant overseas, Kabir Jeet Singh dabbled with a few different spices. That little trial transformed into Burger Singh, a prosperous business enterprise. Here is the motivational tale of Kabir Jeet Singh, a guy who dared to dream big and questioned, “What If.”

Concerning Kabir Jeet Singh

Burger Singh’s CEO and founder are Kabir Jeet Singh. He graduated from Oxford University with a master’s degree in investment strategy. In addition, he graduated from the University of Birmingham with an MBA. He has extensive expertise in logistics, management, and venue selection.

Throughout his employment at “La Caserta’s” and “The Pint Room,” the business notion persisted. With Burger Singh, Kabir Jeet Singh transforms Western classics into dishes with distinctly Indian flavours by adding Indian flavours and seasonings to burgers. As a college student, Kabir Singh worked at a burger restaurant to help pay his bills. He played with specific tastes and seasonings one day and produced some delectable fusion burgers. Kabir Jeet Singh has continued tinkering with burger toppings ever since.

Recognizing Recession-Proof Markets

Fusion burgers created by Kabir Jeet Singh became well-liked and were included in the restaurant’s weekend menu. When he started selling his burgers at college cookouts, he earned the nickname “Burger Singh.” He had no idea that it would become the name of his restaurant business in India within a few years.

He returned to India in 2008 and began working at the Beer Café in Delhi. The food and beverage business intrigued Kabir Jeet Singh. After pharmaceuticals, the sector seemed to be one of the few that was recession-proof. While there, he learned about branding, advertisements, and real estate standards. Kabir Jeet Singh opened Burger Singh in Gurgaon in November 2014.

Introducing Burger Singh

Kabir Jeet Singh lacked the resources of a well-run hamburger shop. His company’s foundation would require a new strategy. Kabir didn’t want to standardize the idea and take a chef-centric approach.

Identifying the supplier was the first order of business. Kabir Jeet Singh partnered with a tiny trader in Panvel, Mumbai, to sell vegetarian goods. Next, he contacted a seller in Hyderabad for non-vegetarian goods.

Tesco in the UK and Cosmo in the US receive products from his merchants. Although it meant increased expenditures for Burger Singh, Kabir chose to associate with them in the long run.

Kabir Jeet Singh recognized the importance of a solid supply chain and logistics infrastructure for a food business. However, he didn’t lose sight of quality since he understood how a food company would expand.

Kabir Jeet Singh started Burger Singh with the savings he acquired from friends and relatives. The first Burger Singh store opened in a 500-square-foot space in Gurgaon’s Sun City. According to Kabir Jeet Singh, they achieved a break-even point in three months, which helped them when they opened the additional stores.

The company now hopes to create larger-format stores, such as a 3,000-square-foot dine-in location serving burgers and drinks. These shops, known as “Glassy,” double as Burger Singh laboratories, where novel recipes are tried out and made available to the public.

Finance and Income

Since October 2015, Burger Singh has received $1 million in outside funding. Investors include Capt. Salim Sheikh, Ashvin Chadda, Rannvijay Singh of MTV Roadies, Rannvijay Singh of Beer Café, and Dheeraj Jain of Redcliffe Capital (ex -Sayaji Hotels).

The development of the supply chain and technologies received 20% of the budget. 40% will expand the outlets, and the remaining funds will pay the core team’s salaries. The report indicates a turnover of Rs 6.5 crore for FY 2016–17, an increase of 37%.

According to research by Assocham, the Indian QSR market is anticipated to be worth Rs 8,500 crore. The nation’s QSR market is expanding at a 25 CAGR.

Due to urbanization, rising youth spending, nuclear families, and improved logistics, numerous national and foreign businesses have entered the QSR market.

Final Words

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Kabir Jeet Singh is the owner of Burger Singh.

Burger Singh began with Rs 15 lakh and has now expanded to over 100 burger chain outlets in 14 states, generating a turnover of Rs 60 crore.

Kabir Jeet Singh is the founder of Burger Singh, which specializes in burgers with Indian flavours.

Started with Rs 15 lakh, Burger Singh has today grown into a 100+ outlet burger chain spread across 14 states with a turnover of Rs 60 crore.

Burger Singh emphasized three things that are highly valued by Indians when it comes to food: delicious flavors, vegetarian choices, and affordable prices.

Burger Singh was established in 2014.

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