Metaverse Vs Multiverse: What Should Kids Know About Metaverse?

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  • 2022-10-20
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Metaverse vs multiverse

Metaverse has a wider scope than multiverse. The word Metaverse came to highlight when used by Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, now Meta Inc. The word gathered huge popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic when people were stuck at home. Metaverse in such situations aims at creating a virtual reality space, where people can do their tasks like going to the office, school, and malls from the comfort of their homes.

Here is a detailed aspect of Metaverse and Multiverse for kids to understand.

What is Metaverse?

The word Metaverse was first coined by Neal Stephenson in the year 1993 in his science fiction novel ‘Snow Crash’. It is now on its way to being a part of reality, not just a fictional word.

Metaverse, in simpler words, is a virtual world where people can interact with digital objects. To enter the Metaverse, people need to create their avatars. If you are on Facebook or play games like Fortnite, you have the option to create your avatar, which is a replica of how you look in the digital world.

Metaverse can be experienced by multiple people at the same time. What we today perceive as the internet is two-dimensional i.e. the text and images can be seen but not touched. Metaverse is considered to be three-dimensional where the users will be able to see, touch, grab and swipe just like in real life.

What is Multiverse?

The multiverse isn’t as diverse as the metaverse. A multiverse is also a virtual reality world but limited to a single objective only. In Multiverse, people can interact for one objective only like playing games.

Many games and software make use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and VR to provide better services. The most common example is the games that use artificial intelligence, like PUBG and another similar gaming world, where many users can come, interact and play, however only for a single objective i.e. playing games.

You can be part of the game marketplace and make purchases. However, you cannot shop or attend a concert while being part of such a world. Each world has a distinct characteristic and is limited to the same ecosystem in the multiverse.

What should kids know about Metaverse?

Should the kids be just aware of Metaverse to have all round knowledge? Or because the metaverse revolves around the kid’s world as well?

The reasons the kids should know about metaverse cover both. Metaverse is a reality that will soon be part of our daily lives. Kids should be ready to be part of this new world and not be overwhelmed by the same.

Soon it can be part of the school curriculum or a part of classrooms.

For instance, classrooms would turn into a virtual reality world where black and whiteboards will be replaced by transparent screens and movable chairs. The kids will be able to learn all about the past by actually being a part of it virtually. With the help of their avatar, they will be able to move around the archaeological places and live it live.

Understanding the Indus valley civilization would be made much easier. Instead of cramming the tools and shovels found at each place during excavation, students with virtual reality will be allowed to be a part of such excavation virtually, resulting in a better understanding, less cramming and a more engaging experience.

Not only this but making kids learn about Metaverse will also help them to get a better hand on its working. They will be able to find related jobs in the future .

The fact is that when kids understand Metaverse, the learning would be much more fun, engaging, interactive and effective. Kids can get a hint of metaverse by using gaming platforms that use multi-dimensional worlds like Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite and more.


The Gen Alpha, i.e., kids born after the early 2010s and later are expected to be the first generation that will be at the forefront of seeing a virtual reality come alive into the real world.

Kids of this age will be the ones to see it in the future. It is thus important for such kids to understand the concept of the metaverse. They will be the first ones to be new-age innovators.

For the smooth adaptation of the same, kids need to get started with a touch of online education in the first instance. Online education is the first primarily step to understanding the virtual reality world. Interacting with apps and indulging in playful learning will help them slowly move toward the metaverse and multiverse.


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The opinions of kids regarding the metaverse vary, but many are excited about the idea of a virtual world where they can interact with others, explore new places, and have fun. However, it’s essential to ensure that they understand the potential risks and the importance of being safe online.

The metaverse has the potential to revolutionize how children learn, play, and interact with others. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see more opportunities for children to engage in virtual experiences that are educational, entertaining, and safe.

To prepare your child for the metaverse, it’s essential to teach them about online safety and the potential risks associated with interacting with others online. You should also ensure that they understand how to use parental controls and other safety features to protect themselves.

Metaverse can be used in schools to create immersive and interactive learning experiences for students. For example, teachers can use the metaverse to simulate historical events, create virtual field trips, or develop educational games that reinforce key concepts.

You can explain the metaverse to a child by describing it as a virtual world where people can interact with each other, explore new places, and have fun. You can also use examples of popular video games or virtual reality experiences to help them understand what the metaverse is and how it works.

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