Online Education: Beyond Covid Too!

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  • 2022-10-26
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Online education beyond covid

It would be an enormous understatement to suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic seriously disrupted the regular working of educational institutions across the globe. 1.4 billion pupils of all ages had their educational experiences disturbed, according to UNESCO. The COVID-19 epidemic drove schools and universities to transfer their courses online. Online teaching and learning became a reality. The instructors, administrators along with staff worked remotely to protect millions of students as well as themselves in an unusually quick step for higher education. Online learning during the pandemic was the only rescue for children.

Some even wondered whether the acceptance of online learning would continue to endure post-pandemic and how such a shift would affect the global education sector in light of the abrupt move away from the actual classroom in different parts of the world. Undoubtedly online learning during the pandemic and the entire process of online teaching and learning was a great success .

Was Online Learning during  Pandemic Necessary?

Since schools and colleges have to close after March 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic, online education has become increasingly popular in India’s educational system. Some of the reasons that justify the importance of online teaching and learning are as follows:

The ability to teach from home is made possible through online education. The time that the kids would have spent attending physical classes (which was not possible due to covid) was managed by online classes . The pupils could use the time they have saved for other activities that will develop their personalities .

Online education beyond COVID gave parents the freedom to both care for and participate in their children’s education.

The ability for students to record lectures and watch them as many times as necessary to grasp the material makes online instruction advantageous.

Government-supported online education beyond covid gives all students in the nation the chance to receive instruction from a top educator who has been hand-picked by the education department.

How Did the Popularity of Online Education Increase?

The pandemic saw the growth of some of the best online learning platforms . Not just this, many other factors led to the growth of Online Education. Some of them are:

1 . The Urgency During the Pandemic

Waiting for the pandemic to vanish to resume the learning of children was not an option. The numerous waves of covid proved that the pandemic may take longer than expected therefore it was very important to resort to some other means of education. Online teaching and learning were seen to be the safest and easiest option.

2. Democratisation of Education 

One benefit of online education is that it is relatively inexpensive, making it accessible to those who cannot afford to attend traditional schools.

3. Ease of Monitoring the Class

Monitoring is straightforward because everything is written down or captured on video in online lectures, as opposed to in-person classes where students would need to take notes on everything the teacher says.

4. Safety Measures for Children 

Online education is safer overall, not just in the wake of the pandemic. From the moment the child leaves the house until he returns, the parent is worried. Concerns about physical dangers and violent accidents may include worries about bullying by students, bus/van drivers, or teachers, as well as worries about these issues. All these worries can be put to rest through online education. The kid can learn at the convenience of his house.

5. Improved Responsiveness of Children

In a typical school, a student is only required to learn what his teacher is teaching and must rely on that teacher to approve of his work. The youngster can learn more in an online setting than in a traditional one, though. He does not have to rely on the teacher to answer every tiny question; he can investigate concepts outside of the course as well.

6. Convenient Environment for Children 

Here, unlike in a traditional school, the child has the freedom to finish his tasks and activities at his convenient times. A flexible teaching environment exists in addition to a flexible learning environment . In a traditional classroom, the teacher is required to instruct the entire class in the same way and at the same pace. She is unable to offer the students the attention they deserve.

Learners of all types are unique from one another. Here, we can divide the class into groups of students with similar learning styles so that the teacher can concentrate on them effectively.

Is Online Learning a Solution to Education-Related Problems? 

Online education has advanced and grown easier to use. It is a sign of the best educational systems from around the world aligning internationally. The ability for pupils to learn independently is the main benefit of online education. The 21st century is the era of the revolution in online learning.

We started thinking about it as a possibility for gaining inexpensive access to education. Additionally, the COVID-19 epidemic has confirmed that it is past due for us to establish new educational systems, guidelines, and methods.

Future of Online Education 

Technology will inevitably continue to replace and advance certain components of conventional education as a result of its ongoing development. Younger people are rapidly developing a habit of utilising the internet to research topics, which has an unavoidable effect on how they take in information.

As a result, it’s critical that education advance and adapt to accommodate this kind of student. Online education has already increased and is fast taking over as a popular method of obtaining a degree. It only makes sense for online education to become the most common form of instruction in a culture that is increasingly dependent on technology.

The Bottom Line 

There is a rapid increase in online learning. In comparison to the traditional educational system, it has many benefits. It expands the range of delivery in areas where such infrastructure is lacking by removing the costs associated with printed instructional materials and physical infrastructure.

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Online education is important during lockdown because it allows students to continue their education remotely when schools are closed. It ensures the continuity of learning, promotes the safety and health of students and educators by maintaining social distancing, and provides access to education for those facing barriers or limitations.

Online education during COVID-19 offers remote learning opportunities, expanded access to educational resources, facilitates collaboration and communication among students and teachers, and promotes the development of essential skills such as digital literacy and critical thinking.

Online education during COVID-19 faces challenges such as technological barriers, limited social interaction, and the need for effective teacher-student engagement and assessment methods. However, it also opens up possibilities for digital skills development, adaptability, resilience, and innovation in education.

Online education during COVID-19 has resulted in increased proficiency in digital skills, fostered adaptability and resilience in students and educators, and prompted innovation in educational practices, including the integration of technology and online learning platforms.

COVID-19 has significantly impacted online education. It has led to the widespread adoption and expansion of online learning as a necessary response to the pandemic. However, it has also highlighted existing inequalities in access to technology, connectivity, and quality education, which need to be addressed for equitable online education.

Advantages of online learning during COVID-19 include the flexibility of remote learning, access to a wide range of resources and materials, the potential for interactive collaboration and communication, and the development of digital skills that are valuable in the digital age.

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