Online Schooling Is More Efficient And Cost-effective Than The Alternatives — Here’s Why

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Both online schooling and traditional schooling have their benefits. However, it will be correct to say that online schooling has a bit of an upper hand in the current scenario. The benefits of online schools have far outreached the traditional means of learning.

The top two advantages of online schooling are:

  • More efficient
  • Cost-effective

How is online schooling more efficient than alternatives?

Online schooling is more efficient and effective than other alternative learning methods in several ways. Some of the key reasons that support the statement somewhat include:

Personalised learning

The essential secret of online learning success is personalised learning. How do online schools facilitate personalised learning? For one, they provide recorded lessons. This allows students to learn at their own pace. Some topics take more time to understand than others. Repeating the content of the recorded lectures and going through it again helps grasp the subject better.

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Two, online schooling and e-learning platforms also provide doubt resolution sessions. These sessions are undertaken by experts wherein each student is given a chance to resolve their doubts and difficulties.

Improved productivity

Online schooling saves a lot of time. Traditional schooling needs you to travel to your school, be part of school assemblies, wait for the teacher to attend your class etc. This all consumes a lot of time. Moreover, a teacher has to pick a topic that can be covered within a stipulated period. This hampers productivity, and the lessons are sometimes cut short due to a lack of time.

All this hassle is eliminated in the case of online schooling, resulting in improved productivity. In the case of online schooling, pre-recorded lessons can be watched anytime and from anywhere. They can be skipped or watched slowly as per convenience. This allows students to cover lessons conveniently.

Shorter learning times

According to several academic studies, online schooling allows double-digit retention rates. This means students are not only able to grasp better but also quicker. It will enable them to diminish their learning times and indulge in other extracurricular activities. This way, the students can better focus on the whole child’s development. The stress levels and burden are also appreciably decreased.

Faster feedback rates

Online schooling also facilitates faster feedback rates, which makes it more efficient. The mentors and instructors of online schooling have more contact with their students than with traditional schooling.

In online schooling, assessments and tests are given more frequently. This lets mentors know each child’s performance after every lesson and not leave everything on the exams. From the student’s point of view, this helps struggling students examine their progress and clear their doubts during personalised mentorship.

How is online schooling more cost-effective than alternatives?

Along with being efficient, online schools are also cost-effective. They are cost-effective in more than one way. Here are a few reasons why online schooling is cost-effective, i.e., it saves your money by a large margin than alternatives mean of schooling:

Cuts down transportation costs

Transportation costs are the first expense cut down due to online schooling. The commuting time between home and school isn’t only time-consuming and an extra expense. A student has to travel by bus, personal vehicle or two-wheeler to reach school to and fro.

This involves the cost of fuel and involves other transportation costs. Such expenses are eliminated with the presence of online schooling. The student just needs a good internet connection and a suitable device for online schooling. The students can avoid the scorching summer heat or the bite of the cold during winter during commuting.

They can study in the comfort of their home at their convenience. This ultimately helps in increased productivity and faster retention times.

Cuts down stationary costs

Only some people can afford the high cost of buying books, stationery, school bags, etc. This is not a one-time investment but a recurring cost every year. Thus, these high costs take a toll on many parents.

With online schooling, such expenditure is reduced to half. The need for a suitable device (laptop/tablet/mobile/Pc) is a one-time investment. The internet connection doesn’t cost too much nowadays with its broad accessibility. The only significant expenditure is on the e-learning platform course fee, which needs to be kept higher. On some platforms, you can even pay this fee in instalments.

This all makes online schooling costs effective by a considerable gap.

Cuts down course costs

The course costs/fees at online schooling are kept affordable. Course costs are minimal compared to a classroom fee as it doesn’t include the need to cover electricity bills, school furniture, or other overhead expenses.

Furthermore, online schooling doesn’t have to maintain an infrastructure that classroom schools need to maintain. The expenses of maintaining an online school are minimal, which allows them to cut down their course cost.

Online schools can also provide extra benefits like small group coaching, doubt-solving apps, performance reports, comprehensive study material, and more.

Less education loan debts

Some higher education courses necessarily require getting an education loan. For the preparation of such courses as engineering or CA, students are required to take an education loan to cover the cost of the course.

Online schooling can reduce the burden of paying off such education loans. The course cost on e-learning platforms is more affordable and reduces the burden of taking or paying off education costs, thereby being cost-effective in the long run.

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The reasons mentioned here are incomplete. There are many more reasons why online schooling is more efficient and cost-effective. The flexibility of its accessibility, elimination of printing costs and the involvement of interactive sessions are some other reasons, to name a few. This has made online schools popular in a short period. 21K School is India’s first online school. The focus is not just to give a child a conducive environment to excel in their studies but also to give them enough time and encouragement to explore many possibilities in life and be more. While on the subject, also read about the parent’s view on online schooling.

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