The Education and Success Story of Parag Agrawal From an IITian to Twitter’s CEO

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The Education and Success Story of Parag Agrawal From an IITian to Twitter's CEO

One of the youngest CEOs in the world, Parag Agrawal, was recently promoted to CEO of Twitter. Although there has been plenty of press coverage of his accomplishments and academic career, there has not been much attention to his life since college, which makes his success story all the more interesting to read. How did Parag Agrawal get to where he is now? Let’s look at his education and career path to see how he made his way from being an IITian to the CEO of Twitter.

About Parag Agrawal

The next CEO of Twitter, one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, is Parag Agarwal. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey announced Parag Agarwal as the new CEO of Twitter on November 29, 2021. Initially, Parag Agarwal worked at firms such as Microsoft, AT&T, and Yahoo, focusing on advertising-related products. After working on artificial intelligence since joining in 2011, Parag Agarwal was named CTO of Twitter on March 8, 2018.

Personal Details

Parag Agrawal was born in Ajmer, in the Indian state of Rajasthan. His mother is an economics professor, now retired, from Mumbai’s Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, and his father served as a senior nuclear energy advisor. He finished his junior and senior high school years in 2001 at Junior College No. 4 and Atomic Energy Central School.

Parag Agarwal’s Education

Indian native Parag Agarwal attended school and completed his graduation in Maharashtra. Agrawal graduated from IIT Bombay with a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering in 2005. He then moved to the US to pursue a PhD in Computer Science. “Incorporating Uncertainty in Data Management and Integration” was the title of his Stanford PhD dissertation.

Early Life and Career of Parag Agarwal

Parag Agrawal was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan, in 1976. Agrawal’s father was an employee of the Indian Department of Atomic Energy. Vineeta Agrawal, his wife, is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm. They have a daughter named Anamika.

In December 2019, Jack Dorsey (the founder of Twitter) announced that he was assigning Agrawal to Project Bluesky, an initiative to develop a decentralized social networking protocol. Dorsey said in November 2021 that he was leaving his post as CEO of Twitter, and Agrawal was replacing him immediately. At the same time, CEO Agrawal received an annual salary of $5 million in addition to a stock award worth $12.5 million.

Beginnings at Twitter

At Twitter, Parag Agrawal initially focused on advertising-related goods. A few years after earning his MBA, Parag Agarwal turned toward artificial intelligence and found work as Twitter’s new CTO on March 8, 2018. His early work as CTO at Twitter involved finding ways to improve the relevance of tweets in the timeline. Parag Agarwal was promoted to Twitter’s next CEO one decade after joining the company.

The Success Story of Parag Aggarwal

Tweeters received an email from Agrawal stating that the company had less than 1,000 employees when he joined. To shake off a reputation for sluggish development, Agrawal emphasized machine learning and other breakthroughs that allowed Twitter to develop new features and products more quickly. Since last year, Twitter’s Board of Directors has been looking for a full-time CEO.

Parag Agrawal’s Net Worth

According to the sources, Parag Agarwal’s net worth is more than $50 million in 2022.


Parag Agrawal became the CEO of Twitter in 2021 and is estimated to have a net worth of $50 million in 2022. In addition, he will earn a $5 million salary plus performance-based incentives and benefits and $12.5 million in restricted and performance-based stock. Before joining Twitter, Agarwal held Microsoft Research and Yahoo! Research leadership positions. Agarwal currently lives in San Francisco, California, USA.

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Parag Agarwal earns a whopping amount of $1 million annually. 

He had accused him of misleading him and Twitter investors over the number of fake accounts on the social media platform.

Agrawal secured 77th rank in the IIT joint entrance exams and joined the computer science department at IIT-Bombay.

Some unknown facts about Parag Agarwal:

  • He did his schooling from Atomic Energy Central School, Mumbai.
  • He was born in 1984.
  •  He is a polite, quiet and technical geek.

Parag Agarwal was appointed as the CEO of Twitter in November 2021.

Parag Agarwal’s net worth in the year 2023 is around $45 million which is 370 crores in Indian currency.

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