Pooja Rani, the first Indian boxer to compete at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

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Pooja Rani, an Indian middleweight boxer, has been in the news since she won the Tokyo Olympics 2020. She became the first woman to compete in the Summer Olympics in 2020, even though she could not compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She advanced to the women’s 75 kg middleweight quarterfinals at the 2020 Summer Olympics by eliminating Ichrak Chaib of Algeria in the 16th round, thanks to her outstanding contribution. This article honors Pooja Rani, India’s most promising boxer! 

Rani’s Determined Battle for the 2020 Olympics’ First Medal

Pooja Rani, a former Asian champion, was the first Indian competitor to earn a spot in the Olympics. In a resounding 5-0 verdict, she defeated her 20-year-old rival. So bringing herself one step further to guaranteeing herself the medal for India. Pooja successfully handled Chaib throughout the three rounds to secure this victory.

But on July 31, 2021, Chinese boxer Li Qian defeated Indian boxer Pooja Rani 0-5 in the quarterfinals of the women’s middleweight (69-75 kg) division.

She is thrilled with how she performed. Even the direct straight, which was not a mighty blow for her, was accurate. According to Sanjay, one must win like this to practice for more complicated rounds.

Childhood & Schooling

Pooja Rani is from the Haryana area of Nimriwali, part of the Bhiwani District. The Bhiwani region is regarded as the sports capital of India. Pooja Rani is a fantastic boxer who works for the Indian public administration as a corporate tax examiner for the Haryana administration. However, her father’s opposition to her boxing career made her path to being one of India’s top boxers difficult. It took her about a year to enroll at the Hawa Singh Boxing Academy in the Bhiwani region. After enrolling in the academy, she disguised her practice from her parents, and she frequently hid her wounds by spending the night at a friend’s house.

This went on for about six months, and when questioned about it during an appearance, she said that her father didn’t think her wish would come true. Finally, her boxing instructor, Sanjay Kumar Sheoran, intervened when her father forbade her from taking school after he learned of her goals. It took another six months to persuade her family to let her participate. Finally, in the 2009 state finals, she beat Preeti Beniwal, the top boxer in Haryana, to earn her first significant victory. She later claimed the title of young state champion and a silver medal in the 60 kg division at the Youth Nationals. 

Prizes and Successes

At the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Pooja Rani has identified as a young Indian superstar. Rani has already won several national and international accolades, so this isn’t the first time she has demonstrated that she is an unstoppable force. Here is a list of honors and recognitions the Olympic debutante has received: 

National Awards

●       Gold Medal in Federation cup held in Uttrakhand, Nainital

●       Gold Medal in 16th Senior Women National Boxing championship

●       Silver Medal in 12th Senior Women National Boxing championship

●       Gold Medal in All India Inter-University held in MLS Udaipur

●       Gold Medal in 13th Senior Women National Boxing championship

●       Bronze Medal in 11th Senior Women National Boxing championship

●       Gold Medal in 34th National Games held in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

●       Gold Medal in Federation cup held in Nainital

●       Gold Medal in North Zone Boxing Championship

●       Silver Medal in 4th Youth women National boxing championship

●       Gold Medal in 14th Senior Women National Boxing championship

International Awards

  1. 2011 Arafura Games in Darwin, Australia, silver medalist
  2. 2014 Third Nations Cup at Verbas, Serbia: Bronze Medal
  3. 2012 Asian Women’s Boxing Championship Silver Medalist from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  4. At the 2016 Shillong South Asian Games, a gold medal was awarded.
  5. 2015 Wulanchabu, China, 7th Asian Women’s Boxing Championship Bronze Medal
  6. a 2014 bronze medal from Incheon, Korea
  7. 2011 China Open Boxing Guiyang city Bronze Medalist
  8. 2016 Nations Cup bronze medalist from Ruma, Serbia


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Pooja Rani is an Indian boxer who holds significance in Indian boxing due to her achievements at the national and international levels. She competes in the women’s middleweight category (75 kg) and has represented India in various prestigious competitions.

Pooja Rani’s journey to becoming an Olympic boxer began with her early passion for boxing. She underwent rigorous training and honed her skills to compete at the highest level. Her dedication and hard work propelled her towards representing India on the Olympic stage.

Pooja Rani qualified for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo through her performance at the Asian Boxing Olympic Qualification Tournament. She showcased her boxing prowess and earned her ticket to the Olympics, where she aimed to make her mark.

In the middleweight category (75 kg), Pooja Rani has achieved numerous notable successes, including medals at the Asian Championships and World Championships. Her consistent performances in this category have solidified her reputation as a top Indian boxer.

Pooja Rani’s training regimen for the Olympics involves intense physical conditioning, sparring, and technical drills. She also focuses on mental preparation to handle the pressure of international competition.

Pooja Rani’s participation at the 2020 Olympics serves as an inspiration to the Indian boxing community by highlighting the potential for success through hard work and dedication. Her presence motivates aspiring boxers to aim for excellence on the global stage.

On her path to becoming an Olympic boxer, Pooja Rani faced challenges like limited resources and competition. She overcame these obstacles with determination and support from her coaches and family, showcasing her resilience.

Pooja Rani has participated in previous international competitions such as the Asian Championships and World Championships, where she secured medals. These successes have been stepping stones in her journey towards the Olympics.

Expectations for Pooja Rani’s performance at the 2020 Olympics were high, with hopes of her winning a medal for India. Her aspirations included showcasing her skills and making her country proud on the global stage.

Throughout her career, Pooja Rani has had memorable moments, including winning medals at prestigious international tournaments and consistently performing at a high level. These achievements have paved the way for her historic opportunity at the Olympics.

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