STEM Activities for Tweens: Some Ideas And Tips

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According to recent research, students—particularly teenagers—tend to lag in their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) coursework as high school progresses. This may threaten STEM-related companies as students get tired of the topics or the classes get harder with time.

The ideal winter vacation STEM activities are engaging, entertaining, and informative. They demonstrate how inventive and exciting the STEM profession can be while teaching your children the fundamental skills that will help them inside and outside the classroom.

STEM Activities & Projects

Each of these pursuits is enjoyable enough to entice your kids away from the couch and the video game console. Some are still enjoyable activities for kids at home , but with a novel and exciting twist.

1. Participate in a Virtual Educational Excursion

Taking your children on a virtual educational field trip to keep things exciting even when leaving the house isn’t as easy as it once was these days.

Additionally, consider the advantages: basically, nothing is closed, you can visit for free, and nearly nothing is closed. All you have to do is turn on a device and decide where you want to go today.

Other “field trips” are waiting to be taken, including visits to zoos, scientific centers, museums, and much more.

2. Buildable Toys

Middle school students require playtime, but who says they can’t study while having fun? So, allow your pupils to play with toys they can create, and watch as their imagination soars and their engineering and architectural skills are tested.

Children do not simply enjoy building toys. Along the way, parents can join in on the excitement and help their children. There are also buildable toys for the young, like robots, cardboard buildings, and dioramas.

To further pique your children’s interest in engineering and craft, teach them how to play with these more challenging toys.

3. Wrap Presents like a (Math) Genius

While wrapping presents is pretty much a classic holiday season activity, it can also assist young children in developing their math abilities while having fun . With your assistance, have your youngster measure each gift to estimate how much wrapping paper will be required to cover it completely. Kids may measure out the necessary amount of wrapping paper and any additional embellishments like ribbon, then cut them out.

Your child will improve mathematical reasoning, and you’ll have your elf assist with gift-wrapping. Consider downloading free and easy math worksheets for additional math-related activities.

 4. Explore the Nearby Architecture and Public Works

Going back to the initial option, activities like physically going to a museum might be off the table, but you can still go for a walk, right?

Without leaving your house, gain knowledge about civil engineering. To see the structures that civil engineers have constructed in your community, visit nearby infrastructure facilities like a wastewater treatment facility.

Make a scavenger hunt as an alternative to visiting neighborhood facilities. Civil engineering is the forefather of all engineering, and civil engineers develop many projects. So first, list as many projects as you can assist your child in researching what civil engineers build (roads, subways, trains, etc.). Then, check off every structure you and your youngster observe as you drive through a local city (or bike if you don’t mind stopping).

 5. Try Electrical Engineering

With one of our helpful tutorials, brighten up your holiday season. The techniques we used to demonstrate to readers how to make a Tech-o-Lantern costume in the past may be used in other light-up projects. We have also developed an easy-to-follow tutorial for making a light-up Christmas or Hanukkah card.

 Additionally, consider exceptional items for fostering creativity and exposing children and teenagers to electrical engineering. They make fantastic presents for the DIYers in your family.


Starting young is the best approach to guarantee that children retain their interest in STEM fields. In addition, teaching your children about these four fundamental subjects in engaging and enjoyable ways is essential to fostering a love of learning, whether you’re a parent, an educator, or both.

You may help children and preteens find their passion for STEM by providing them with the necessary tools and STEM-related activities.


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