Sustainability due to online school

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  • 2022-03-22
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Sustainability due to online school

The system of online education not only provides vast knowledge in an affordable and personalised manner but also provides significant sustainability due to online school for the environment. Some of these benefits include;

Transport Emission 

Transportation causes a huge part of air pollution & noise pollution worldwide, this is a major issue that has been drastically changed by online schools as it eradicates the need for numerous Students to travel every day for just a few classes all while wasting so much gas and natural resources and simultaneously reducing the spread of harmful fumes into the air. Apart from all this, it also helps in saving time and allows the student to learn from the comfort of their own homes.


In school, we’ve always had to write numerous assignments, classwork, homework, exams and so much more. All this requires the usage of so much paper and other natural resources, if each student had to use 25 pages in one day, imagine the outcome of waste from just one school with more than 2000 students, all this can be cut down with typed work done online, this reduces paper wastage and saves trees.

Energy Usage 

Physical schools have huge halls and classrooms to be air-conditioned and illuminated which takes up a significantly larger carbon footprint in comparison to online schools as Buildings consume large amounts of energy.

Ideas for students to take action

Influential speeches

Awareness is the one thing that everyone needs, without awareness there can be no action or motivation to bring change, students can record videos as a way to influence & motivate the audience into making small or large changes for the benefit of our environment.

Parent a Plant 

Every student can be encouraged to participate in growing a plant, right from the first stage of planting it to the later stages of taking care of it. This will give the student responsibility and will also ingrain the habit of planting from a young age.


Students can understand a problem better when they learn the consequences of certain actions, only when they learn to visualise the damage being done, they’ll be able to take responsibility for it. This can be done through small experiments to understand the environment better. For example, if a student has two plants, plant A should be cared for the right way and plant B could be polluted, this way the student can see the difference between both the plants and learn from it.

Our Planet 

Our Planet is a British nature documentary series narrated by David Attenborough whose work focuses on the wonders of the natural world while vocalising support of environmental causes. The visuals and the awareness in this documentary are simply brilliant. Students can watch this and discuss it together as part of an entertaining yet educational idea in class.

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