These Success Tips Don’t Lie: Life Lessons by Shakira

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Shakira is a well-known and exceptionally gifted Colombian pop music performer and singer who has won numerous honors, including the Grammy, Latin Grammy, and American Music Awards. She is well known for songs such as “Whenever, Wherever,” “Hips Don’t Lie,” and she was also chosen to perform the Olympic anthem, “Waka Waka.” In addition, she is known for her solid and bold vocals. Her parents encouraged her to sing the way she did because she had a lovely voice. Additionally, Shakira did not change how she sang or adopted a different identity. We are going to discuss Shakira’s life lessons today in this blog.

Being Yourself

Being true to oneself is the first of Shakira’s numerous life lessons. When she was younger, the school band called her bluff, and her music teacher kept telling her that her words sounded like a cow. Imagine if someone loves to sing and everyone, especially their teachers, tells them they are not good at their craft. Will they continue to sing? Most people will give up singing and believe they lack talent, but not Shakira. She was adamant that one should have confidence in oneself and not listen to what others say.

Never Surrender

Shakira has faced numerous obstacles during her life. She persisted in pursuing her passion despite difficulties and never gave up. Even when she started writing songs and releasing them in the 1990s, she could not succeed in the entertainment business. Both of her debut albums, Magia and Peligro, were duds. She then took a little break to prepare herself mentally to work hard and concentrate more.

The title of her third album, “Pies Descalzos,” which means “bare feet,” was chosen as the winner. The record eventually sold over 3 million copies, catapulting Shakira into the spotlight and instant fame. What’s more noteworthy is that the paper had a unique sound that mixed Arabic, Latin, and rock styles. Her persistence was the key to her success. She wrote the “Hips Don’t Lie” soundtrack in 2006, greatly aiding her rise to popularity and stardom. Her attitude of never giving up registered yet another accomplishment while imparting another priceless lesson.

Set And Select The Objective

One of Shakira’s most important life lessons is that setting and selecting an objective is crucial. In a media briefing, Shakira claimed that when she first visited Los Angeles, she was only 7, she and her mother went along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and her mother told her, “One day, you’re going to have your plaque on this spot.” So she set it as her goal when she was just seven years old and has been working toward it since then.

Dream Big

Dream big is what Shakira strongly believes in. She says that nobody is too small to think they cannot accomplish anything. The potential for growth and power increases as the dreams grow. Shakira always imagined herself as a famous person with a global following. She gave us an essential lesson in dreaming big and striving to make those ambitions a reality by working hard with tenacity and turning her goals into reality. She was intrigued and driven to become a successful vocalist in the entertainment world by her desire to aim high and zeal to make her dreams come true.

Humanitarian Work

Shakira is a well-known performer and celebrity, but she is also praised for her humanitarian work and philanthropic endeavors. She founded the Pies Descalzos Foundation and conferred with the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics from then US President Barack Obama. She thinks we should try to connect with our altruistic sides and help others and the less fortunate. This, indeed, is one of Shakira’s most important life lessons.

Return To The World

Giving back is one of Shakira’s many lessons that she has taught us, which is very important. Although it is almost the same as a humanitarian, this is what is needed by the world today. Shakira thinks giving back to the world is crucial to make it a better and safer place for all people and all living things. Perhaps this explains why exceptional leaders are constantly inspired because they have a higher calling to benefit society and the people around them.


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