Learn to Code – 4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Do It

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  • 2024-02-19
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Parents and teachers who teach coding to young kids essentially teach them an important life skill. Like everything else associated with computers, coding requires a logical bent of mind and a certain level of creativity. But most importantly, the kid who codes can visualize a particular problem and solve it by providing the computer with relevant commands and programs.

Then learning a software language or learning to code involves the extensive usage of a child’s mental faculties. This skill will question and challenge the child’s brain initially. As the kid learns to code, they will have developed analytical, imagination-related, and problem-solving abilities that are sharper and enhanced compared to a child who does not code.

Now, let’s see the specific benefits and advantages of coding – why young kids should be taught coding and computer language.

#1 The coding activity greatly sharpens, develops, and enhances a child’s mental ability.

The ability to code comes with many other skills: analysis of a situation, problem-solving, and sometimes, being creative and thinking out of the box. Not to mention that the logical left side of a child’s still-growing brain is put to work. So, whoever wishes to have a sharper, brighter kid who will grow up intelligent and competent in life must introduce their young ones to coding early on.

Kids who have learned to code also do great in other subjects where logic plays a significant role like maths, languages, grammar, etc. Providing the right kind of stimulus and exercise to a brain still growing and not fully developed is perfect for making it healthier and optimally functioning.

#2 Young kids who code generally fare better at academics. They easily get ahead in their student years.

Young minds who learn to code are more accustomed to surpassing challenges and having their mental faculties sharpened and enhanced. Hence children who have learned even the basics of coding are used to better grades than those who don’t.

Creating code exercises stimulates and challenges the grey cells of youngsters. So those who do code suddenly find it easier to grasp their daily lessons at school. They do well with logical subjects – learning a new language, mathematics, grammar, comprehension, etc.

This helps develop a child’s personality, communicate better, and be more confident. Computer code does somewhat similar things to a child’s young mind. Learning to code helps broaden the horizons of a child’s intellectual abilities. They become more confident in problem-solving and analytical thinking.

#3 Parents and teachers prepare a child for a future career in coding by introducing it early on.

Coders and those who know computer programming have bright careers and earn handsomely. A youngster who has started to learn coding from a tender age is bound to become a pro at it by the time they are adults. So, teaching youngsters to code is like preparing them for a glittering career in the distant future, but much early on in life.

Another fringe benefit of sorts to computer coding is that other associated scientific concepts like how electronic gadgets work, what circuits are, etc., become clearer to the child who codes. Kids are naturally skeptical, and as they learn to code, they are bound to try to learn more about computers. This will again help them later in their careers.

#4 The kid learns something new, creative, and constructive.

Imagine a child constantly playing games on a smartphone or mindlessly roaming the neighborhood streets. Now imagine a child who learns to code in their spare time.

This is a no-brainer. Parents and teachers would love for the kids to engross themselves in constructive activities that challenge their minds and sharpen their intellect. Additionally, the innate curiosity of a youngster is piqued and satisfied when they learn something new, in this case, coding. A child learning to code will not get time for other less valuable activities and will be productively occupied.

Coding is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial pastimes for your youngster, especially as it may foster their persistence, ability to communicate, do higher-order thinking or build creativity.

Yes, teaching the child to code can prepare them for lucrative job prospects, but it also gives them much more. A modern parent cannot go wrong by encouraging their child to program. Introduce the child to developmentally appropriate programs immediately by starting with some of the options mentioned earlier! Then, enroll at 21K School to explore the advantages.


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