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Student Spotlight

Ravyanshi Singh ( Grade 4  |  Indian )

Ravyanshi Singh is an author with a keen interest in exploring information related to science, folk culture, natural languages, writing scripts and much more. She loves books and likes to hand out in local libraries exploring books on her favorite topics.

Ravyanshi has lots of interest in space and astronomical objects. She dreams of becoming an astronaut some day.

Ravyanshi loves to visit places. Ravyanshi has been to places in Europe like Venice, Rome, Switzerland & Austria. The art and architecture fascinated her to the core. She has also travelled to countries in South East Asia like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and realized how much similar and different they are from India.

Next, Ravyanshi plans to write a book on space and celestial objects, a book about flags of the world, a compilation book about folk stories from south-east Asia, and many more...

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